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When behind the wheel, a driver’s eyesight is the most important tools you have. But by age 60, eyes need three times as much light to see as they did at age 20, so it’s much more difficult to see objects in the dark. If you have vision problems, driving at night can be particularly hazardous
Research shows senior drivers need significantly more light to see than teen drivers. That’s because over the years, pupils get smaller and don’t widen (dilate) as much…

Just like a motor vehicle, bicycles require care and maintenance. Learn the basics here.

For everyday fun, check the listings of dog parks and pet friendly national public lands, or search the attraction and restaurant listings for places to play and eat
For getaways that involve overnight stays, explore the hotel and campground listings, articles on important pet travel considerations — plus helpful links — and listings of emergency animal clinics
And wherever you go, capture the fun on camera…

Here's a list of 10 of the best Arizona beers to warm you up on a chilly desert night or mild winter's day.

Sure, it’s easy to market homes for sale in Charleston, SC, that sit on several lush acres, feature gorgeous European appliances, and are located in the most prestigious neighborhood in town (ZIP code envy, anyone?).

Death teaches us not to rush past the things we'll wish we had more of at the very end of life