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Our awesome PTO has put together an exciting Eid bazaar for our students!
Small gesstures can make a huge impact so it's important to teach our children that Eid is better when blessings are shared!
When: tomorrow Thursday 8/16
Where: BHA Main & ECE Campus
If your child would like to purchase an item, please send cash with him/her. All items are between $1 to $10.
BHA is Now Enrolling for 18-19

You guys! Shelbs finally did it! She went and got her first tattoo over the weekend and it turned out perfect!! Our Links: Blog: astoldbyashandshelbs....

Feeling Motivated & Setting Goals My entire life I have always set little goals for myself. Whether they be year goals, lifelong goals, or just goals to go along with the season, I always set them. Go

Diversions - Portadam's Water Diversion Newsletter - Early August 2018

A picnic lunch of hotdogs, chips and cookies will be served. Please feel free to bring in any additional food items, drinks or snacks that you would like to have for a day at the lake, but no alcohol please!
Burger's Lake has a Snack Shack!
Be sure to bring some spending money if you want to enjoy any of their new tasty treats, including Shaved Ice Sno Cones,

Garland ISD is excited to announce its new partnership with the LifeSavers Foundation’s mobile pediatric clinic, The Doctor Spot. Staffed with a pediatric nurse practitioner and a medical assistant, this roving clinic will offer free health services to all uninsured or Medicaid-enrolled GISD students throughout 2018-19
“This is going to be an excellent opportunity for our students,” said GISD Health Services Director Renee Kotsopoulos. “Removing barriers…

Mike Sherman has troubles taking off his headset after the Montreal Alouettes somehow beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Absolutely embarrassing. June 30, 2018

An elderly daredevil raced into her 90th birthday at 220 kilometres per hour on Monday.

F. B. Meyer wrote about two Germans who wanted to climb the Matterhorn. They hired three guides and began their ascent at the steepest and most slippery part. The men roped themselves together in this order: guide, traveler, guide, traveler, and guide. They had gone only a little way up the side when the last man lost his footing. He was held up temporarily by the other four, because each had a toehold in the niches they had cut in the ice. But…

We had such a blast in Mexico, and we already can't wait to plan another trip back there! Hope you enjoy as much as we did! :) Our Links: Blog: astold...

LKQ's 2019 Car Calendar Contest is BACK
We are looking for early and late model vehicles to feature in our nationally distributed LKQ Car Calendar. We want to showcase the finest cars and trucks on the road. This year we will have one Grand Prize winner and 13 monthly calendar winners. Submit photos of your vehicles today for a chance to win a trip to the 2018 SEMA* Show in Las Vegas, NV!
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Cast a vote for your favorite vehicle!

If you had to make a prophecy about the future, what would it be? Is there anything you can say with great certainty that you’re sure will happen? It’s an interesting question to ponder. History has a way of taking some pretty unexpected twists and turns. So, knowing what you...

Parent Teacher Meet and Greet
Don't forget to come by BHA this Saturday, August 11th from 10 AM-1:30 PM for the New and Returning Parent Orientation and Meet & Greet Expo
Details below:
11:00 AM - 1 PM All Parent Meet and Greet Expo in the GYM for ECE and MS/HS Teachers
1 PM- Returning Parents - State of the Union Address in MPH
1:45 PM Salah Dhur
School Supply List
With school just 5 days away, its time to go back to…

Jane Brooks was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 67. But that hasn’t slowed her down; she’s still very active in events at Brookdale Columbia including the gardening club, the BFit exercise classes, and she’s even an ambassador welcoming new residents to the community.

If you have looked at our website lately, www.spinabifidant.org, you might notice that some things aren't updated or don't look quite right. We Need Help! This website was built using a WordPress template and coding that is four years old, some plug-ins older. Many of the plugins are outdated and aren't supported and the new plugins aren't always working with the old coding
We really need someone who understands WordPress to take a look at our site and help to update the coding…

Mardel Christian book store and education supplier is here to meet the needs of homeschooling parents, educators, and all kinds of Christian lifestyles.

Former Garland ISD student Merica Clark, along with a dozen others, will finally get their chance to cross the stage on Aug. 9 thanks to a change in the state

If you live in Plano and are having transmission troubles, then it’s time to bring in our experts to get your car running the way it was intended to. We know that

For this author, being a Christian Scientist isn’t about “applying” Christian Science to problems in his life, but about knowing and understanding God better and living in a way that consistently proves that understanding.

"We welcome you to her Stonewall Pond and all the sunrises, sunsets, kayaks, birds, and lovers she has watched her many, many years from the living room window. If you possibly can, come in spring."

This festival season we love these trendy looks and their fragrance pairings. Which one would you wear?
We love festival season. The outfits, the music, the photos, and the vibes – you name it....

Esther was born with Phocomelia which is a condition where leg or arms are extremely shortened
In Esther's case, her left leg was very short and the doctors amputated her leg so she could be fitted with a new leg.
The problem was that her family could not afford to pay for a new leg. As a result, Esther could not walk like other 4-year-olds.
Fortunately, she received a new leg at the We Help Two partner clinic at no cost thanks to…

Transmissions have a lot of working parts and there will come a time that a repair and maintenance is necessary as your car goes through natural wear and tear t