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“Lifelong learning” may be the latest buzzword in education. But for Masako Wakamiya, it’s much more than lip service. Three years ago, at the ripe age ...

The reality of early retirement doesn't always match up with the perception — there are some unexpected elements early retirees need to adjust to.

You’ve heard of diabetes, but do you know about prediabetes? Prediabetes is when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not elevated to the point of diabetes. Prediabetes indicates a person has insulin resistance — meaning your

We’ve all had a late night crying, only to wake up with puffy eyes. Or you may have pulled an all-nighter, regretting it in the morning when you look in the mirror. The skin around your

Stroke causes an estimated 140,000 deaths each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The longer a stroke is in progress, the greater the risk of permanent brain damage or death. This is

Stroke is a highly disabling disease that affects nearly 800,000 Americans each year, and is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Fortunately, in recent years, much research and many resources have been dedicated toward stroke

Yoga can bring healing to both body and mind for those who practice. This dual benefit can be especially valuable for those affected by breast cancer. From the moment of diagnosis through treatment and recovery,

Many people struggle with some degree of anxiety from time to time and to a point, that can be healthy. Worry is part of what makes us human, but our bodies can only handle so much stress

When a person receives a life-altering diagnosis like that of cancer, two questions generally asked are: “Am I going to die?” and “Will my family get this, too?” The answer to the first question is long

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, you’re probably thinking, where do I go from here? As you consider your options for surgery and treatment, you might also be considering breast reconstruction surgery. After a

A new study has suggested that errors in DNA accumulated in a developing embryo may influence the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's later on in life.

In my 33 years of life, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve been a student at Pflugerville High School, Texas A&M University and Tarleton State University. I’ve been a high school teacher for 12 years, as

Germs spread from person to person, and the more people around usually means a greater risk of exposure to germs. So, when you’re packing your luggage, don’t forget to bring along some good hygiene for your

What are some reasons that people fast? For religious traditions or disciplines? To break eating habits? Intermittent fasting has gained attention recently for claims like weight loss, increased productivity and lower risks of heart disease. But is it safe? What is Intermittent

For a brief moment in time, Jimmy Taylor and Kevin Sheldon did not have hearts in their chests. They are two of the lucky few given a second chance at life — a new heart. In 2011,

Step on the scale today: your weight is probably the lowest it will be all year. According to a recent study from Cornell University, most Americans weigh the least in early October. But it shouldn’t

Health experts are urging the estimated 45 million Americans who wear contact lenses to change their habits. The CDC says sleeping in contacts can increase the risk of an eye infection by six to eight times. Dr. Christopher Starr, an ophthalmologist at Weill Cornell Medical Center, joins "CBS This Morning" to offer practical tips.

There’s a lot of conversation around plant-based, vegan and vegetarian diets as the “healthy” choice. But what makes these diets better for us? Is this even scientifically true? That’s one area medical research continues to explore.