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Every year around this time, the eyes of the Hollywood community turn north to the Canadian city of Toronto, which becomes the mecca for all things cinematic during the 10-day Toronto International...

Our Family & Cristina’s Legacy
It started with the desire to create something familiar, substantial, and lasting. And to us, that meant quality food and people. From the early days of Cristina’s, our commitment has always been to blend those two elements into something special so that when you dine with us, you feel like you’re getting the finest in Mexican cooking, you’re at home, and you’re with family
When Arturo arrived in this country, he had very little in his pocket and…

"We welcome you to her Stonewall Pond and all the sunrises, sunsets, kayaks, birds, and lovers she has watched her many, many years from the living room window. If you possibly can, come in spring."

It took three guys to take down Jaws, but we bet Jason Statham could stop the massive shark in The Meg all on his lonesome and still have time to stop a bank robbery before lunch. The man who...

When I talk to event planners about sustainability, one concern I hear frequently is that there isn't a budget for it. ILEA is a member of the Events Industry Council, whose recent survey about sustainability and event planning found that 75 percent of events will pursue sustainable initiatives only if they are cost-neutral or cost-saving.
Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to reduce costs and be sustainable at the same time! Let's look at three money-saving and sustainable...

San Diego Comic-Con is here, and plenty of studios are rolling out new and exciting footage. Despite comic book projects being commonplace, there’s one upcoming superhero movie that is unlike any...

THURSDAY - 7/12 11am Pac - We will be talking with Jack Kosakowski, the CEO (US Division) of Creative Agency. We will be covering topics around sales, social selling and Small Business Trends. In particular we will cover how sales people use social media,...

The Best in the Business
Working at Cristina’s is not just a job, it’s an opportunity to join a successful team and family. Many of our seasoned team members have started out as dishwashers and moved up to management. A few have even opened their own restaurants, with Arturo’s and Tina’s help
If you’re a team member, expect to enjoy a challenging and rewarding work environment…

Presented by: Paul Petersen & Dery Daye
Everyone who registers gets a recording.
This is a great webinar if you are looking to learn more about GoldMine's CRM and find out what's new as well as get a sneak peek into our upcoming release. This webinar would also be a good introduction to CRM if you don't already have one.
What you will learn:
What is new with security enhancements
Integrations with QuickBooks and Constant Contact
Service Pack Updates

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Cristina's Fine Mexican Restaurant catering for your events! Serving authentic hometown Mexican dishes. Buen Provecho!

Santa is everywhere you look during the holiday season, and that can be confusing for children. Seeing so many Santas inevitably brings up the question,

Even though it's closed to the public for the holiday, Chris and Nicole Fasulka opened up their adventure park, "Urban Air" to give foster kids and refugees a Thanksgiving they will never forget.

We get it — not everyone's into cutesy and sweet costumes. And we're willing to bet that you'll have more than a few puppy dogs and Disney princesses

Adding artificial intelligence and machine learning to your devices boosts privacy and will increase its potential

She is the last of her kind from the warrior race of the Taarakians in the cult classic animated film Heavy Metal! The Taarna Premium Format Figure will make

The former Altitude Trampoline Park in Glen Carbon, IL rescinds their license agreement and has converted to an Urban Air Franchised Location.

Researchers are currently working on training drones for a variety of different scenarios that c...

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With over 900 locations around the world, it’s easy to find your nearest spot for fun times, spectacular eats, and mind-blowing drinks.

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