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The school year means bringing home new friends, homework and in some unfortunate cases, those dreaded critters we know as head lice. Every parent fears the diagnosis — but if and when it happens to

Have income that isn’t subject to tax withholding? Or insufficient withholdings? You may have to pay estimated taxes.

Many people diagnosed with a substance use disorder (SUD) also suffer from a co-occurring mental health or behavioral disorder. This is known as a dual diagnosis. Individuals with a dual diagnosis require an integrated treatment plan that addresses both disorders as interconnected mental health issues.

A man who lived on Long Island was able one day to satisfy a lifelong ambition by purchasing for himself a very fine barometer. When the instrument arrived at his home, he was extremely disappointed to find that the indicator needle appeared to be stuck, pointing to the sector marked "HURRICANE." After shaking the barometer very vigorously several times, its new owner sat down and wrote a scorching letter to the store from which he had purchased the instrument. The following morning on…

These days, there is so much information on the internet and amongst friends about every aspect of pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Many expectant mothers spend a lot of time thinking about what they will pack

Taking your Social Security benefits at the right time may help maximize your benefit.

During treatment and early recovery, it is important that patients redirect their behaviors into healthy avenues rather than those that are unhealthy or detrimental.

So, you’re doing more and more user research. You’re taking a user-centric approach to everything you do. Brilliant news. But you don’t have the capabilities in-house to conduct this research. What do you do? You could hire an external agency and use …

RISD was approved for a technology grant through Sprint, which will provide WiFi hotspots to high school students around the district.

Many tech juggernauts, from the likes of Facebook and Google, to Microsoft and Dell, were all started out of university dorm rooms. It seems that univers...

We all get fleeting headaches from time to time. They come without warning, annoy us for a few minutes or hours and eventually fade away. But when headaches occur frequently or cause intense pain, it can

School Starts Monday — Are You Enrolled?
Enrollment opened on August 7 for elementary families who didn’t enroll in the spring or moved…

It's been more than three decades since the ship sank off the coast of Notre Dame Bay.

Recovery is the chance to start over and change everything. Why not include your body?

AMSOIL Mudslinger (AMS) provides a protective, non-stick layer of armor against the accumulation of mud, dirt and snow on ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes. It makes removing mud and dirt with low-pressure water easy while protecting against UV rays and keeping equipment looking pristine.

Our awesome PTO has put together an exciting Eid bazaar for our students!
Small gesstures can make a huge impact so it's important to teach our children that Eid is better when blessings are shared!
When: tomorrow Thursday 8/16
Where: BHA Main & ECE Campus
If your child would like to purchase an item, please send cash with him/her. All items are between $1 to $10.
BHA is Now Enrolling for 18-19

VOTE TODAY! With your help Success through Financial Literacy could win a $25k grant from Statefarm Neighborhood Assist. Vote upto 10x a day through 8/24! #SFNeighborhoodAssist

Shop our new seasonal home accents and bring cheer to every room. Shop decor themed for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and more!

You’re about to receive your degree. You’re feeling ambitious and confident, and you’re ready to look for jobs after graduation. But planning the first steps of your career after college isn’t always as easy and straightforward as it seems.

Tell Kellogg's to stop using GMOs in all of their products and get Non-GMO Project Verified
Part of GMO Free USA’s mission is to foster consumer rejection of GMOs until they are proven safe. Because it is difficult to rally the nation to boycott ALL GMO foods, we’ve chosen to use strategically targeted boycotts to change our broken food system. As it has happened in other countries, when one Big Food company is…

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has released 2018 accountability ratings under its new A-F letter grade rating system and Richardson ISD…

College students can always stand to save some cash. Here are nine discount opportunities students should explore and exploit.

When I was growing up in Georgia, my mother put meatloaf on the table all the time. We ate burgers and hot dogs like everybody else and didn’t think anything about it. I don’t remember

Spark New Zealand outlined its 5G rollout schedule, announcing plans to open a 5G innovation ...

Malcolm Frank, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of Cognizant, has today been announced as the keynote speaker at this year’s’ ENGenious upstream event. Mr Frank’s opening speech will focus on the keys that will allow companies to succeed in the next generation of the digital economy. The presentation will be illustrated with real-world cases, …

In Women in Medicine, read stories of Baylor Scott & White physicians, leaders and employees who are paving the way for women in the field of medicine. When Liza Johannesson, MD, set out to become a doctor,

See how family, flexibility and encouragement play a crucial role in integrating your career with your personal life.

Are you looking for a promising career in finance? Discover the top 10 finance aptitudes and abilities that will put you in the prime position.