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You have a family of smiles to look after and, of course, a budget. The good news is there are several ways to get your whole family the dental care they need for the healthiest smiles around.
Prevention is key
Your six-month cleaning is about more than your smile; ...

The term “tooth decay” sounds so dark, it could be fiction. Sadly, it’s far from it. Tooth decay is very real, and an all-too-common side effect of ignoring your oral health.
What is tooth decay?
Tooth decay is the breakdown of your tooth enamel&md...

Since as many as 26 percent of older U.S. adults have lost all their teeth, there are a large number Americans who wear full removable dentures, also known as false teeth. You may be one of them.
How much do you know about dentures? See if you can answer the following questions connected with lost

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Women and men across the country are sending Dr. Christine Blasey Ford postcards of thanks following her testimony about Brett Kavanaugh.

When things get unpleasant in your mouth, it’s most often related to some underlying cause. In fact, the discomfort you’re feeling is often a call to action to have it checked and treated.The American Dental Association recently surveyed approximately 15,000 U.S. adults about their oral

The basics for treating tooth decay have changed little since the father of modern dentistry Dr. G.V. Black developed them in the early 20th Century. Even though technical advances have streamlined treatment, our objectives are the same: remove any decayed material, prepare the cavity and then fill

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