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Walking into a warm room from the cold can turn your glasses into a foggy problem. A new coating clears things up.

Blue Ridge Eye Care Associates, PLLC is your local Optometrist in Galax serving all of your needs. Call us today at 276-236-4171 for an appointment.

Eye allergies are a condition when the eyes react to an irritant or allergen, making them red, itchy, tearful and swollen.

The smallest box truck in our lineup, the 10ft moving truck is the most popular option for most movers. It is the ideal truck for customers looking to move studios, apartments or dorms. Built to move families, the 10ft moving truck has a low deck and great fuel economy. Available for both in town and one-way moves.

Are you looking to increase the visibility of your self-storage business? Learn how as a U-Haul Dealer Affiliate, an advertising van may be the answer.

And how much does it usually cost, anyway? Get answers to common questions about engagement ring insurance.

No longer the novelty ‘horseless carriages’ of old, cars flooded onto the streets of Europe and the United States in the 1920s and 30s. BP-labelled gasoline pumps appeared around Britain, often flying little Union Jacks as a patriotic flourish. There were 69 pumps in 1921, over 6,000 by 1925

While most rental agreements include a landlord who takes care of your major maintenance worries, there are a few things you can do to keep service calls to a minimum and protect your security deposit in the long run.

Eye emergencies can be frightening, and even more so when you’re far from home and not sure where to seek help. Vision loss and eye pain can make navigating a new city difficult and worse yet, if not

Along with costumes and candy bags, make sure your trick-or-treaters pass our Halloween safety checklist.

What is cataracts? YourSightMatters.com's cataract infographic can help you better understand cataracts by highlighting some the most important facts.

A great infographic displaying how different animals use their eyes to see the world around them.

Contact Lenses Are Like Underwear
Don't over-wear. Avoid that sketchy pair. Carry a spare.
1. Don't Over-Wear
Replace your contacts as often as your eye doctor tells you, and don't sleep in them (unless your eye doctor says otherwise).
2. Avoid That Sketchy Pair
If a contact comes out and you can't disinfect it with fresh solution (never water or spit) right away, throw it out. Don't buy contacts from costume shops or anywhere that doesn't require a prescription.

Sand. Nice on a beach, but it does have a tendency to get into the most unlikely – and unhelpful – places. That’s equally true in oil and gas operations where those tiny loose grains can cause equipment damage and, ultimately, reduce production.

Get TIDAL streaming hi-fi music service for 6-months from Sprint. The only streaming service with both music and a full catalog of over 175,000 music videos.

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There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying a new or used motorcycle. Learn how to sift through the options and make a good choice.

Many business owners aren't aware of all the risks--or how insurance can help cover them.

In Montana's Flathead Valley, where some of the state's most liberal and conservative communities sit side by side, the national debate over refugees plays out on a small-town stage.

Drivers in Roanoke, VA, encounter debris on streets and highways on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this material can cause a lot of damage, but unlike other car accidents,

##I participated in this sponsored campaign for Rite Aid® and L’Oréal® on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.## L’Oreal has stepped up their game with their newest lip products collections. The new formulas of the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Lipcolor are waterproof and highly pigmented for those who love their lips …