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Support us on Patreon! Ratites have spread to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. And there are fossils of Ratites in ...

Turkeys these days are mostly seen as vessels for stuffing on your Thanksgiving table. But in 300 B.C., the birds were viewed by the Maya as vessels of the gods

Dinner Details: Chef-Created Three Course Dinner Candle Lit Dinner in the *Gazebo, *Gardens, Front Porch and Room JF Wine Imports organic wine included (2 glasses pp) No refunds if no …

Unlike the usual roundup of adorable critters, these little shape shifters, cannibals, and body snatchers will haunt your Halloween.

Our cottages at Sweetwater Branch Inn are ideal for any getaway and accept pets, making them the perfect alternative to pet friendly hotels in Gainesville.

Taking part in the many University of Florida traditions is all part of the fun and games of Gator football. If you’ve ever been to a Florida Gator football game, you know the feeling well. The familiar smell of popcorn and sweat and the sound of chants and whistles stick to your memory like gum to a shoe.

Ever wish you could take a little of The Little Mermaid and put it into your life? This scuba diver has gotten pretty close by making friends with a sweet

When traveling in Latin America and the Caribbean, I pledge to shop carefully at souvenir shops and look for and avoid any products made of turtleshell, including bracelets, earrings, rings, guitar picks, combs, and fans
When I find turtleshell for sale, I will let the vendors know that I only purchase from stores that are turtle-friendly
Instead, I will look for and purchase locally-made and eco-friendly…

Capture the wonder of tropical wildlife while receiving personal instruction from professional artist Mindy Lighthipe.

Join us for STEM and Cultural Immersion in Costa Rica during Thanksgiving Break 2019 and 2020.