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When you think protein, you probably think meat, eggs, and maybe dairy. But veggies have plenty of protein, too. Find out more from WebMD about which ones are the best sources.

Before the journey to the moon changed everything, William Van Duyn, like many of the senior chemical engineering students at the University of Florida,

Take this WebMD quiz and test your knowledge of sleep -- deprivation, insomnia, and nightmares.

Are you gaining weight, tired, or depressed? Losing weight, irritable, or can’t sleep? It may be your thyroid. Take this WebMD quiz and find out more.

The top foods for heart health go beyond cholesterol busters to edamame, nuts, salmon, even coffee, in this list from WebMD. Cooking tips and pictures show how to work new foods into your diet.

You’re on your feet all day. It isn’t surprising that they hurt sometimes, considering how much work they do.

Learn about what can happen to your physical and mental health when you stop having sex.

By the time the school year came to a close, it was clear that I was in full-on parenting burnout. In one week alone, had managed to ...

Losing weight after 40 can be hard, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to exercise and eat right. But some simple strategies can make it easier to slim down and keep the weight off.

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Blood tests can tell you all kinds of things about your health. Find out how much you know about them with this WebMD quiz.

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Through a gift of $250,000, the UF Medical Guild created an endowment for the Equal Access Clinic Network.

Dear Nephrology Fellows, Since it’s July, we wanted to share 10 free open access medical education (FOAMed) resources that we think will enhance your fellowship experience as both a learner and educator. We encourage you to visit and...

Ready to start an exercise plan? WebMD shows you how to get in shape with these workout tips for fitness beginners.

Take this WebMD quiz to get the facts about bread, including how to keep bread fresh and the health benefits of whole grain bread.

Your diet won’t cure depression, but some foods might give your body a little help in fighting it.

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The University of Florida is continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Huixiang Chen, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Huixiang died June 13 of an apparent suicide and left behind a note suggesting possible research misconduct by his faculty adviser. The university is thoroughly investigating these…