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Choosing the right passives for your design can be a huge headache. Sorting through hundreds of data sheets looking for the component with just the right spe...

Post Malone and EDM DJ Marshmallo both snag tuned six-bys Ford pickups, just as a six-wheel Hellcat Wrangler emerges.

Former NBC News correspondent Chris Hansen, whose "To Catch a Predator" reports caught countless men soliciting minors for sex, was arrested

Duane Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D., was honored for contributing to the UF Health Cancer Center's national reputation in 2018.

Scientists at the UCF are zeroing in on a new clue to understand a mysterious disease that affects about half the sea turtles in the Indian River Lagoon. The infectious disease, known as fibropapillomatosis, causes tumors to grow inside and outside of sea turtles’ bodies. While the tumors may be benign, they can become debilitating […]

Are you gaining weight, tired, or depressed? Losing weight, irritable, or can’t sleep? It may be your thyroid. Take this WebMD quiz and find out more.

What happens if a commercial speech licensing scheme is on hold -- and thus the speakers can't speak -- because of the federal government shutdown?

An immigration think tank with ties to Trump adviser Stephen Miller brought a federal complaint Wednesday over its designation as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

SPECIAL EFX: The Grammy-nominated jazz-fusion group Special EFX will perform at 7:30 tonight in a Santa Fe College Master Artists Series concert featuring

Looking for the latest Lottie Moss products at PacSun? Shop the exclusive Lottie Moss collection and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $50!

I trusted my sales representative right away. Christopher worked with me every step of the way. He was up front, honest, and collaborative and worked hard to develop a deal that worked for both of us.

A trip to the beach or a vacation out west is what the 2018 Dodge Journey is all about. Erma Bombeck once said, “Never buy a car that has less windows than you have kids.” Good advice but all you r…

A no-confidence motion that could have removed Theresa May as Britain's prime minister has been narrowly rejected in a 325-306 vote. May has called for cross-party talks to search for a compromise on Brexit terms that could gain parliamentary approval.

Voice-recognition systems might have trouble interpreting what we say. These tips can bridge the communication gap.

The first 20 minutes after you wake up are crucial for setting the stage for a successful day. Consider using the time for positive activities, such as reading, writing or listening to calming music.

Feeling that your partner truly listens to you is essential for a healthy relationship. So, when your partner seems to dismiss [...]

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Most of us like the ritual -- not to mention the caffeine boost -- that comes with a cup of tea or coffee. But it can be good for your health, too.

Worried you're coming up short on vitamin C? Here are some telltale symptoms to watch out for.

The former Calvin Klein creative director branches out with a unisex wellness brand straight from his native Brazil.

The five-year contract includes new programs and upgraded facilities, which will be discussed at two meet-and-greet events Thursday at Westside Park.

SumTotal continues to lead the way with innovation for all our clients' HCM needs. Check out SumTotal's momentum through our new releases, new client wins an...