Business to Business in Fresno, CA

Google maps already offers you information on how long your commute is likely to take, but now the team has produced a report specifically for you to avoid the busiest driving periods before and after the holiday!

Scary video of a woman trying to drive through the flames of the devastating #WoolseyFire in Malibu is going viral.

The dog, named Star, was found on the side of the road in a box with a litter of 13 puppies.

Congress to renew farm bill discussions
Farmers and their advocates hope the current lame-duck session of Congress will lead to a final agreement on new federal farm legislation . A House-Senate conference committee has been unable so far to settle on a compromise bill, and the previous bill expired at the end of September. The farm bill establishes policies on conservation, research, nutrition and a variety…

This week's "Great Kid" is girl from Clarence who is a competitive athlete, an entrepreneur and now a published author, and she's only 9 years old.

Let’s take a look at 11 fun pit bull facts that might just change your mind about this misunderstood breed.

LawInfo helps you research information on Telemarketing laws, including free legal articles and other law-related resources that help you understand the law.

If you suffer from back pain, you might need a little extra support from your mattress. Read on to find out what to look for in a mattress when dealing with back pain and which type of mattress is the best mattress for back pain.

With the program's new funding, UCSD plans to focus on the dangers of driving while under the influence of marijuana and other cannabinoids. California law prohibits driving while high, regardless of whether the marijuana is medicinal or not.