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The former One Directioner made his tour a joyous statement about human rights.

Scientists have theorized that the connection between our sleeping patterns and the moon cycle may have roots in our ancestry.

Speculation around Mraz's sexuality has been buzzing for quite some time

See who else has signed on for the movie based on the famous stage play

Fresno Filmworks presents “Support the Girls”, a comedy written and directed by Andrew Bujalski. When the motherly and protective Lisa (Regina Hall) becomes t…

There’s help and hope if you're struggling at pet parenthood, for whatever reason. Here are some solutions to common problems.

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Judge Kavanaugh has been remarkably transparent over the course of his judicial career, both in his writings and in his public statements.

Despite increased efforts to restrict water usage across California, the San Antonio Reservoir has dried up after four years of extreme drought.

Cape Town will not run out of water this year or next, the South African tourist board has said
The popular holiday destination came within weeks of Day Zero - when the taps would be turned off and emergency water rations imposed across the city - at the beginning of this year, as dams ran dry amid one of the worst droughts in the Western Cape in living memory.
Crisis was averted thanks to city-wide pleas to locals and visitors to regulate water…

On Monday, July 16, a California appeals court reversed a decision that would have required food manufacturers to label cereal products with cancer warnings, as per Proposition 65. As

Your car battery is critical to keeping your vehicle running. It sends power to the starter to turn over the engine and receives generated electricity from the alternator to maintain power. If you’re able to extend the life of your car battery, you may avoid an untimely failure.

A one-day summit for educators, E-Community partners, and other stakeholders in E-Communities to share experiences, trade best practices, and explore new ide...