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Striding onstage in a fringed leather mini skirt, black v-neck top and rhinestone fishnets, Miranda Lambert looked every bit the girl next door bad ass that hits like “Kerosene,” “Gunpowder & Lead” and “Little Red Wagon” suggest the Grammy-winning vocalist is. But more than her swagger, it was her command of the stage and the momentum build of her songs that suggest Lambert’s becoming a true heir apparent to the feisty side of Loretta Lynn.

One artist stood out among all others on Pollstar's mid-year charts with a record-shattering total gross and massive ticket sales yet with prices well below
the mid-year average who somehow still managed to beat all comers:
27-year old Edward Christopher Sheeran, MBE, from West Halifax, England,
known far more widely and informally as just Ed.

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Despite ample evidence showing that simply respecting transgender teenager's identities is, on top of being the right thing to do, the best way to support them, people in the community still face innumerable obstacles. An Ohio teenager's parents are …

Working in Florida as an irrigation contractor I have seen rain create a lot of misconceptions in watering schedules for landscapes.

According to the Water for Food Institute, by 2050 the world population is going to increase by 40% doubling the demand for food and feed.

It was a hot day at the zoo when Jordan Carlson's son, who has motor-planning delays, got thirsty. "We went to the snack bar and found out they

Today’s blog is from Laurie Loftin, who shares her bad luck with grass story on this Friday the 13th A little over three years ago, I began my attempt to wipe out the grass in my yard. Admit…

Smart Irrigation Month is an Irrigation Association initiative to increase awareness for water conservation

Love watching scary movies, but can't sleep after watching scary movies? Saatva takes a look at the science behind why scary movies can affect sleep.

On July 9, 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2770, which extends privileged communication status to certain communications by employees and employers regarding alleged sexual harassment and continues California’s efforts to address claims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

According to fig grower, Jim Reese, the benefits of using Jain Logic™ field monitoring and control are numerous. The owner of California Export Company says, "Jain Logic™ helps me monitor what happens in the ground at all times.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund is asking a federal judge in Alabama to allow a group of Latino voters and the advocacy group

U.S. acts against subsidized olive imports
Subsidized olive imports from Spain have harmed California olive producers, according to a vote Tuesday by the U.S. International Trade Commission. The commission decided the olives have been sold in the U.S. at unfairly low prices that made it difficult for California olives to compete. The U.S. may impose import duties on Spanish olives. The imported olives are often used…

Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, gave a revealing speech last fall in which he lauded former Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist for having dissented in Roe vs. Wade and for rejecting the notion of “a wall of separation between church and state.”

Dear Housing and Services Providers in Fresno and Madera Counties: The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Fiscal Year 20…

You think it's a million dollar business idea but does your big dream have any real chance of success? Watch the video for 5 ways to validate your idea.

The Chamber Connect, the Fresno Chamber's quarterly magazine, showcases the Chamber's community involvement, government affairs updates and features events and outstanding individuals.

A handful of the world’s biggest drugmakers are canceling or reducing some planned price increases in the United States, after California enacted a new drug pricing transparency law and amid political pressure over pharmaceutical costs. But this isn't necessarily a long-term or wide-ranging result.

ValleyPBS is your Valley Preschool, Classroom, Stage for the Arts and Lens for Exploration

The White House sent reporters 34 testimonials in support of Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court. All 34 were by men.

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski
Today’s news that large drug companies are cancelling price hikes that would further gouge Californians is proof positive that our state’s landmark drug transparency law is working. SB 17 was a top priority for California’s labor unions. We went up against deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies, that fought transparency tooth and nail, to deliver this victory on behalf of…

Gaming tribes in the San Joaquin Valley are working different angles to seek your betting dollar. Several projects are on the drawing board between Kern

Creative Armenia and the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) are delighted to announce the launch of the Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellowships, which will discover, nourish and promote creative talents across the arts. Through a year-long program of funding, mentorship and tailored promotion strate

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The Fresno County Probation Department’s reliance on using pepper spray to control the behavior of kids held at the Juvenile Justice Campus is “dangerous and traumatizing” for youth, according to a report from Disability Rights California , a nonprofit established by federal law to “protect and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.”
DRC toured the detention facility with the San Francisco-based Youth Law Center…

In a crowded meeting hall in Oakland’s Preservation Park on a recent Wednesday, five teenage girls are about to receive their high school diplomas from a