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Housing and disabled people: Britain’s hidden crisis
In 2016 we began our inquiry into housing for disabled people. We looked at whether the availability of accessible and adaptable housing, and the support services around it, is fulfilling disabled people’s rights to live independently in England, Scotland and Wales. On this page you’ll find the results of that inquiry in the form of videos, blogs, reports, recommendations, infographics and case studies.

 Having a disability feels like an eternal venture of educating people. Many people who haven’t come into contact with disability, have rather strange preconceptions of what my life is like. Then there are the people who know me very well, but can never know some of the struggles I have to face. We can... Continue Reading

"American Idol's" two night season finale kicks off with the final three competitors each singing three times.

Voters in California could approve spending $127 million for projects in Lake Tahoe through a series of ballot measures this year.

Eradicate passive words such as “just,” “could,” and “can.” Passive language is fatal, as it reduces your stature and abilities
You are highly desirable talent, so communicate it
Focus on your achievements, and communicate them with confidence and enthusiasm.
Sharing your active voice and owning your achievements during an interview will set you apart.
Frame your key accomplishments in the macro and the micro.
A macro…

A 14-year-old boy is facing charges after he was accused of impersonating a police officer and stealing from a 64-year-old man who is partially blind.

In this post, we will show you how to improve business performance with empathetic leadership
Why Empathetic Leadership
Understand the root of a problem: An empathetic leader doesn’t focus exclusively on consequences but also knows how to deal with the actual cause of the problem.
Improve talent retention: The best employees will leave a company very quickly if you don’t show respect and understanding for their…

Northern California's iconic Golden Gate Bridge will cost southbound motorists an additional quarter to cross starting July 1.

There are a number of volunteer opportunities at Valley Children's Hospital, but one of the most coveted is to be a Cuddler in the NICU.

Whether you’re looking for your first apartment or your one hundred and first, the hunt for a new place to live can get frustrating. Here are 5 apartment search tips that will make the search a little easier.

I read somewhere recently that our average attention span is now less than a goldfish
Many of my coaching clients struggle with high workloads and mass distraction.
It can make a mockery of priorities because distraction is the enemy of focus.
I’ve written before about our attitude to time and the impact of an imbalance between past, present, and future focus.
Paying attention Here are four common states of attention and ways of shifting or enhancing them: Scattered – when your attention is…

Thousands of people showed up to Woodward Park in Fresno, CA, May 18, 2018, for day one of Grizzly Fest. The two-day festival featured more than two dozen acts, including Foster the People and Nas. It continues Saturday, May 19, 2018, with headliner Snoop Dogg.

We are not all fortunate enough to be on the right career path
Many people have found themselves in a job that they don’t particularly enjoy, but they stay in the position out of necessity.
Often it’s not a lack of effort but more so on not spending time to to find out what makes us more satisfied on our career path.
Life is too short to be stuck in a career you hate, so find that thing that stirs your passion.

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