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This tells you about your right to have an assistance animal when your housing does not allow pets. Assistance animal means an animal you need lives in your home. It can be a service animal or an emotional support animal. This pub tells you what to do if your landlord will not let you keep your assistance animal and tells you where to get help
This fact sheet discusses the rights of people with disabilities to keep assistance animals in housing…

1. Demand for rhinoplasty is growing. In 2015, according to ASAPS stats over 145,000 people headed to plastic surgeons for nose surgeries...

The law bans most abortions once a doctor detects what they call “a fetal heartbeat in the womb,” which is usually about six weeks into a pregnancy.

The policy will lead to more abortions of the dangerous, medically unsupervised, barbaric kind, which cause up to 13% of maternal deaths. After all, affected women won’t have access to broader family planning that could keep abortion off the table.

The gray line, or daylight/darkness terminator, is a constantly moving circle around the earth where a daylight/darkness transition is taking place. When this circle is over your QTH, potentially enhanced propagation along the terminator is possible, especially on lower frequencies. The timing and potential for gray line propagation depend on a number of predictable (season of the year) and unpredictable (solar conditions) factors. Gray line QSOs…

The biased language in these bills has no basis in medicine or reality. They’re written to divert attention away from the fact that they ban abortion and hurt women.

be inspired by art, shop exotic stores, make new friends and greet old ones
generate waves of joy, and expand our consciousness.
How Weird is centered at Howard and 2nd Streets,
in the heart of the San Francisco’s technology and art sectors.
Filling in the faire will be thousands of people in colorful costumes dancing in the streets.
to dance the day away!
(Click on the video and scroll around to see in all directions.)
Celebrate peace and weirdness…

The President has grown fond of falsely claiming that abortion doctors can “execute” babies.

The San Francisco Zoo, Northern California’s largest zoological park and conservation center, periodically offers free admission for San Francisco residents. This urban oasis, nestled against the Pacific Ocean, provides a comfortable climate all year round. You’ll enjoy seeing the 250 different animal species in naturalistic surroundings, along with their many zoo activities and events. San Francisco Zoo Free Day - Spring/Summer Hours: 10 am to 5 pm (last admission is 4pm) - Fall/Winter H...

Home healthcare programs are proliferating as health plans and at-risk providers look for ways to keep patients out of the hospital or from returning after being discharged.

The court said that the state's Bill of Rights "allows a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body ... decisions that can include whether to continue a pregnancy."

ARRL and the FCC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that paves the way to implement the new and enhanced Volunteer Monitor program. The memorandum establishes the Volunteer Monitors as a replacement for the Official Observers

A (growing) list of which states have passed some of our countries most severe abortion bans.

by Nick Rudomin, Our Daily Bread Employment Center Volunteer Coordinator Bernie has been volunteering at …

The effort to open California’s parks to people of every ability has raised important questions about the proper balance of nature and civilization in public parks. Should trails be paved? Can a path formed thousands of years ago violate a 29-year-old law?

The Trump-Pence administration's dangerous gag rule is designed to cut patients off from care at Planned Parenthood -- so Planned Parenthood is taking the administration to court. Sign on to our people’s brief supporting patients and fighting to stop the gag rule.

Many states are suddenly considering heartbeat bills, which would make it virtually impossible to get an abortion. That’s no accident.

For more information regarding Amdal In-Home Care, please contact our office, located in Tulare, CA at 559-686-6611

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is poised to implement sweeping, harmful changes to Title X, the nation’s only program focused on providing birth control, cancer screenings, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, and other reproductive health care for those with low incomes. These new regulations not only undermine the successes of a decades-old family planning program, hailed as one of the top 10…

In this Business of Aging essay, Aging 2.0 co-founder Katy Fike describes what can be done to address the challenges of aging.

2 points per CW/Digital QSO
Bonus Points: 500 points for mobiles for each county from which you make at least 12 QSOs
Bonus Points: 100 points for each band/mode QSO with W9FK

As part of the youngest and most diverse freshman class ever in the House of Representatives, badass Black Congresswomen are bringing their passion for change to Capitol Hill.

Apply for part of $10,000 in scholarships for Fresno,CA area high school seniors.

Arkansas became the fifth state to preemptively outlaw abortion this week. Four more states have legislation in the pipeline

If you’re white and sitting here thinking, “but how can I celebrate Black History Month? This isn’t for me,” I get it.