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Presidents of War, by Michael Beschloss
From the War of 1812—the first conflict conducted by an American president—to the Vietnam War, renowned historian Beschloss analyzes wartime presidents and offers insights on their performance, the results of the conflict, and their subsequent records on civi

When you think about October you think about Autumn, Halloween, and political surprises—when you should be thinking about all the awesome new music that’s coming out. For vinylphiles, we have an awesome selection of new discs to check out, from classic artists like Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler to

Prevention for States Supplemental Funding
As a result of increased funding in 2016, among the 29 PfS states, 14 are now receiving additional dollars in one-year supplemental funding to support their ongoing work. The states receiving supplemental funding are: California, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin
Prescription Drug Overdose: Prevention for States is a program…

EPS Inc dba Express Plumbing provides underground utility construction and maintenance in and around the Bay Area. Our underground utility division is considered a one-stop-shop that eliminates the need for hiring multiple contractors. Underground Utility Construction Explained Underground construction has been around for years, from underground tunnels, to earth shelters, it’s nothing new. However underground

Living your life doesn’t always have to be costly because there are little things that we can do every day to save a little money here and there. Don’t belittle those little saving — sure it’s 10 cents here and…

You can't grow your career without curiosity; it's what exposes you to new ideas and possibilities. It’s also what enables you to learn how your actions and beliefs impact what happens around—and to—you.

68 reviews of DFW Fence Contractor LLC from Fort Worth, TX Well let me say I was impressed. Got a call back from my request to speak to someone about a ...

Rockville, Md. (October 11, 2018)--Flavoring and additive ingredients in e-cigarettes may increase inflammation and impair lung function, according to new research. The study, published ahead of print..

An e-cigarette company called HelloCig Electronic Technology Co. is being blasted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for selling vape liquid that no only contained pharmaceuticals, but also ...

What happens when two YA authors known for their smart, compelling, swoon-worthy, and realistic characters join forces for a romantic comedy? Everything good and wonderful in this world, that’s what! Becky Albertalli (Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda; Leah on the Offbeat) and Adam Silvera (More Hap

There’s a coolness in the air as the days are growing shorter and nights longer, shorts are being exchanged for light jackets, and pumpkins are soon to inundate us as signs of the season.
Fall is here; and with the change of season in Texas comes the Stewardship Season at Broadway. It is a time for reflecting upon the stewardship of our time and talents and for renewing our commitments to our beloved Broadway, all as a part of our faithful…

Also in this week's round-up: the work landscape in 2022 and what really killed the dinosaurs.

Fort Worth attorney Jim Zadeh talks about how accidents can occur if you are unsure who has the right-of-way when turning right at a red light.

Fall is finally here, and I can only hope the temperatures will start dropping. A girl can dream right? Starbucks and several other coffeehouse chains released their much loved and highly acclaimed Pumpkin Spice Lattes nearly two weeks ago. Something…

The country's ambitious global infrastructure initiative could provide significant long-term opportunities for investors

There was a 75 percent increase in women of color among nominees for Congress since 2012, a Reflective Democracy Campaign study shows.

Find out why these seven common drugs can be toxic for our brains — especially as we get older.

Coal plant operators and governments can be unable or unwilling to share data on plants' performance. Fortunately, this could change dramatically thanks to a revolution happening in space.

Get the Sights & Sounds 2-Pack presented by Kawasaki to the AAA Texas 500 and hear all the team and driver communication during the race! Two race tickets, t...

John Cena shares a look at what happened when he met some very happy kids at the New York City book signing for his new children’s book, “Elbow Grease.”

News and updates of interest to dog and cat lovers - pet care, issues, and more by Care-A-Lot Pets

Today the five finalists for the National Book Awards for Young People's Literature were announced, including a book in verse about a teen finding her voice, a wrenchingly honest graphic novel memoir, and the tale of a sharecropper's son turned hero. Here's the full list.
The Poet X, by Elizabeth