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Jet Blue offers the most legroom on economy seats among the major U.S. airlines.

United Airlines' tips about flying the red eye inspired a bevy of comments from internet pundits. Read some of the best here.

Don’t let sky-high airfare prices ground your travel plans. Get smart tips for saving money on your next plane tickets.

Am I jinxing my great travel karma in even thinking about luggage being lost? After all, in my 30 years of business travel, countless times with a checked bag, no airline has ever lost my bag. Knock on wood. Cross my fingers. Throw salt over my left shoulder. While I can’t personally speak to having my luggage lost and never returned, I can speak to ways that I have had this great success with my bags always being returned to me. So before…

Over the past two years, Delta and United revamped their frequent flyer mileage programs. Now American Airlines is following suit.

Want to hear a number that will make you crazy? Last year, U.S. airlines raked in $3.5 billion in checked-bag fees.

The holiday travel season has officially begun! And with millions of people traveling, airports are expected to be hectic. What can you do to make your travel less stressful? Kaipo Kauka and Maria …

How can four passengers who booked the same flight, on the same day at the same time, end up paying four different fares? Imagine a time in the distant future when you and two of your friends are invited to a wedding in Myrtle Beach, S.C. You log on to your frequent flier account with AnyJet Airlines

Preparing for vacation is enough to make your head spin: traveler s checks, airline tickets, security lines. But one thing that usually goes unnoticed is tipping. Overlooked though it is, travel tipping is actually a world of etiquette unto itself. Recently, the Tribune spoke with Texas-based tipping expert and etiquette guru Diane Gottsman to learn about it. The rules of tipping while on vacation can be…

A new global rating has revealed which airlines offer the top 10 cabins in first class, business class, premium economy and economy class. Singapore airlines and Etihad scored highly.

Airline performance has improved, that’s true. But there are things that are within your control that you can do to avoid the delays before you even leave home.

Official Southwest Airlines website, the only place to find Southwest Airlines fares online. Book lowest airfare deals, view flight schedules, get flight status, and book rental cars and hotels.

The airlines are cracking down and some carry-on rules are changing.

A number of airlines have already installed thinner, lighter airplane seats in order to squeeze more seats on board their planes.

Here are the top ten airline etiquette tips, according to Jacqueline Whitmore on Yahoo! Travel. recently analyzed 425 airlines around the world, ranking them based on their flight safety records. Click to see the top 10 safest airlines worldwide.

An update on the American Airlines Merger - not so great for flyers despite what American's CEO says. Here's why.