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And just like that, snow came. Thank goodness we have community to keep us warm

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By Anna Breuer on 18 September 2018
United Airlines announced multiple refinements to its boarding process. The airline, referring to the changes as “better boarding,” will roll out the revised process starting September 18
The changes include the reduction of the number of boarding lanes from five to two and the addition of text alerts when boarding begins.
Group 1 will board using the blue lane, while Group 2 will then board via the green lane. Groups 3 through 5, comprised of coach…

A recent study found males, tobacco users and teens who lived with a tobacco user were most likely to report using marijuana in an e-cig.

The Cowboys had plenty of standouts in Sunday night’s win over the Giants. Check out the Top 10 players of the game, voted on by the staff writers.

Have you ever dreamed of a masquerade ball? You know, the kind with magnificent chandeliers, a gilded hall, billowing ball gowns, crisp tuxes and

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In the past several years, there has been a notable shift in U.S. health care priorities and insurance practices. Screenings play a pivotal role in a new emphasis on assessing patients to prevent the onset of disease. Many of these services are now covered by

TrépanierBaer represents some of Canada's and world's most renowned contemporary artists. It is our fourth stop in our gallery crawl to explore Calgary's visual art scene.

Despite public opinion, young children and teenagers aren't the only people guilty of phone addiction, according to new research.

It takes time to improve credit scores, but learn some steps that may help you improve your credit and rebuild your credit score.

Whenever someone asks me for audition advice, there are two things I mention first: Know the character and context of your audition material. Have multiple pieces ready to go. The first is pretty obvious. It doesn’t matter what monologue or song you’re auditioning with. Know exactly who t

Dog daycare, boarding, grooming, shop, and fun! The un-kennel. We passionately deliver a modern dog experience composed of play, affection, and socialization - all in a safe, friendly and sparkling clean environment.

Live stream FOX Sports events like NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football and Basketball, NASCAR, UFC, UEFA Champions League FIFA World Cup and more.

Updated Thursday, Sept. 13. Want to list your event here? See something that needs to be corrected? Email upcoming listings for Calgary eventsGallery sh…

The northern Portuguese city of Porto is home to amazing wine, foods and sites.

Brian Moore No. 76, 2015 Perma-stable chrome print on aluminum mounted on expanded PVC 30 x 24 in.

Like magic, a blood stem cell match helped save the life of Dallas-based illusionist Jim Munroe as he battled leukemia. He's hoping to help others now, supporting a city-wide Be the Match Registry donor drive at six local Gateway Churches over the weekend.

Despite advances in research about the disease and general public awareness, many of us remain confused or uninformed about Alzheimer’s disease.

These 6 "W's" should answer all your questions and ensure that you and your truck brakes are inspection ready.

The importance of companies to create happy and inclusive workplaces can't be stressed enough. Learn about the value of authenticity in the workplace here.

We’re using sharp cave-aged cheddar to create a melty layer on top of warm flour tortillas—the perfect base for our smoky, spicy, and rich filling. To accompany our tacos, we’re serving a side of roasted zucchini topped with fresh lime juice for a bright, tangy lift.

Periodically, we ask our video production interns to write about their experience here at Red Productions. This installment chronicles our video production bootcamp at Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co., home of TX Whiskey.

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) has released its annual Cancer Progress Report highlighting how federally funded research discoveries are fueling the development of new and even more effective ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat cancer
Key advances outlined in the AACR Cancer Progress Report 2018 include the following
Twenty-two treatments for cancer were approved for the first time by the U.S. Food and…

You may have heard the common suggestion that we should consume eight glasses of water a day, but individual needs aren’t necessarily one-size-fits-all.

New Colors of Old Favorites Silicone Hybrids Silicone

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