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From the circular economy to taxation and jute bags, here's how to mitigate plastic's harmful impacts.

Extracts from all three plants show promise as effective antimicrobial agents against three dangerous drug-resistant bacteria.

Solargraphy is a technique for photographing the sun's path through the sky by using a pinhole camera to expose photographic paper for anywhere from a few

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The invisible ‘dust’ that settles after a cigarette has been extinguished is known as third-hand smoke - and can be especially harmful to babies and children. Here’s what you need to know.

Missoula, an environmentally conscious community, has always struggled with one facet: glass recycling.

A new $20 million, state-of-the-art plastics recycling plant has opened in Somerton, Victoria and will process mixed plastics collected from kerbside recycling.

Advances in digital identity authentication are providing a better customer experience while shrinking the window for losses Mobile and online banking...

"Pastoral work is a high calling. It is a privilege and a blessing. But it is often misunderstood."

Adorable Pets provides dog grooming to keep your furry friends looking their best. Call today for service in the Charleston, SC area. We also offer cat grooming!

The Ft Smith Hunting & Fishing Expo is a premier event focused on fishing, hunting and the great outdoors. This family focused event brings in new fishing and hunting products, family friendly attractions and entertainment along with many tips from local and national professionals.
Tickets sold at the door
Adults (Ages 16 & Up): $10
Ages 12 - 15: $5
Seniors 55+: $8
Police/Fire/Military: $5
Under 12:  FREE

The study also suggests that reforesting such a large area wouldn't impact our capacity for growing and farming food.

"We can spend hours reading, reciting, singing, and talking about the Bible, without seeing any significant fruit."

Amazon is celebrating its 25th birthday. Professor of marketing, Venkatesh Shankar, looks at the ways it has made an impact.

Humans will need to continuously upskill to stay relevant as digital technologies shape jobs of the future, says Ravi Kumar, president at digital services firm Infosys.

In September 2012, Sigma introduced its very first Art prime lens; the 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art. Today, it remains Sigma’s best-selling prime lens AND best-selling Art lens. Simply put, this sales sta…

Antarctic sea ice has typically been safe from the effects of climate change felt elsewhere on Earth. But in the last three years that has changed.

"Most people are longing for deeper community, but they don’t know where to start."

After three days in Dalian covering everything from the future of trade to the history of whales, here's a look back at some of the key moments from this year's Annual Meeting of the New Champions.

Despite parks having a reputation for being crime hot-spots, research seems to show otherwise. It really depends on the park.

"There is no strength on this earth for those who walk toward eternity apart from Jesus Christ."

The results demonstrate that people across the board are in favor of greater regulation of AI.

At a time when trade tensions and geo-economic instability are predicted to wipe billions off the economy, our only hope of facing down global risks is to work together, writes the World Economic Forum's Børge Brende.

Hello Everyone
I hope you are enjoying your summer. The warm/hot days are here! I know this should go without saying, but make sure your workers stay hydrated and be safe out there.
Our annual Lego contest is this Saturday at Central Mall. In the past, we’ve only had two sessions of competition. Last year, we had to turn kids away because we were full. This year, we would like to extend to a third session if needed, but this will require additional…

Read on for words from photographer and instructor Alex Kent on the upcoming Balloon Fiesta! The world famous Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a visual smorgasbord of colors, lines, shap…

The incoming chancellor of the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith plans to address a variety of different issues after she takes on her new role.Terisa

With climate change and environmental degradation looming, technologies that can build greater resiliency into planetary and man-made systems are the new prize.

From modelling the distances schoolchildren have to walk to providing visual aids to ministers, the groundbreaking 4IR technology is revolutionizing policymaking in the nation.

In this issue: Stories of God's Faithfulness to JBU through the Ages; Alumna Twyla Rownak earned an undergraduate and a graduate degree while a widow and raising four children; Successful alumni and students from JBU's Online Undergraduate program and the Graduate School; Student Jake Smith writes Centennial Anthem "Christ Over All;" Archivist curates JBU's story by preserving the past for the future; Spring 2019 Centennial Commencement.

Services such as TV, taxis and takeaways fit around our busy modern lives. Could education be the same?

If you become aware of an abusive incident or pattern, where do you turn? One way to care well for the abused is to report to proper authorities.

Big data has changed industries across the world and B2B businesses have a wealth of data that they can now utilize to improve their marketing capacities

From problems at home to issues understanding, here's how showing emotion can make work easier.

France is just one of a number of European countries who have explored the idea of reintroducing national service.

Better benchmarking starts with better data. When considering a source for benchmarking data, be aware of the information that matters to your business.