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Living only one bill from disaster, almost half say they couldn't come up with $400 to cover an emergency expense

Storing your household and personal belongings with StorQuest Self Storage means you can expect the highest quality customer service.

The key to successfully instilling a sense of responsibility and pride, and helping children understand that they have a role to play in the family dynamic, is to start young.

Kochkin, S. The Impact of Untreated Hearing loss on Household Income. Better Hearing Institute, Alexandria VA. (May 2007).

International Household Goods Consolidators
Schumacher Cargo Logistics has specialized in International Cargo Shipping since 1977. You can be confident that your goods will arrive at their destinations in the same condition you handed them over to us. Our safety records for cargo shipment delivery have exceeded all industry standards
Learn how Schumacher Cargo can help you with your shipping needs:
Groupage service operating from Los Angeles…

Kochkin, S. MarkeTrak VII: The Impact of Untreated Hearing loss on Household Income. Better Hearing Institute, Alexandria VA. (May 2007).

From your toothbrush to your car tires, and everything in between, find out when to replace the things you own.

Hennepin County organizes three-day, community collection events to provide convenient, local disposal options for household hazardous wastes.

The 2007-2009 Great Recession and housing crisis erased approximately half of black and Latino households’ wealth, according to the Urban Institute.

Combining two households can be stressful, whether you're getting married, combining families or helping loved ones who need a place to live. Justin Klosky h...

Floods happen. So do collapsed ceilings, trapped critters, and smoke-belching fireplaces. But with our homeowner survival tips, you'll know just what to do when trouble strikes

The rate at which Americans are creating new households has increased over the past year to reach the highest level since before the recession began in 2007. But it's not driven by millennials.

Get ready for the cold snap with this household winterizing checklist! Get your house in property in tip-top shape before the snow shows up.

Setting up a household in a new place is overwhelming. Here's a list of little necessities to get you started.

You’re probably wasting money and don’t know it. Here are typical things that homeowners waste money on. Get money saving tips at HouseLogic.

In a previous study, The Pew Charitable Trusts examined the effects of neighborhood context on American families’ economic mobility. That analysis found that neighborhood poverty is associated with downward mobility, reinforcing other research that has shown a link between high-poverty neighborhoods and unemployment, poorer performing schools, and increased violence, all of which pose risks to residents’ economic security.