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Over 500 strange, weird and fascinating list of unusual facts and trivia regarding parts of the amazing human body.

If you are considering liposuction, you have probably done your homework on what the procedure entails, but it’s easy to forget about the recovery process. Like any other invasive plastic surgery procedure, liposuction requires some downtime to recover. Read on to learn more about what to expect during recovery, and how to make your recovery …

The Great Stirrup Controversy is the academic debate about the Stirrup Thesis, the theory that feudalism in Europe was largely the result of the introduction of the stirrup to cavalry . [1] [2] It relates to the hypothesis suggested by Lynn Townsend White, Jr. in his 1962 book, Medieval Technology and Social Change. White believed that the stirrup enabled heavy cavalry and shock combat , which in turn prompted the Carolingian dynasty of the 8th and 9th centuries to organize their territory into…

What if more parents, when convicted of crimes, were sentenced to house arrest for the benefit of their children?

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Revived Games created a video game where the objective is to murder people in a school. Sign the petition now to demand PayPal stop selling it!

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Margaret Atwood's popular dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale explores a broad range of issues relating to power, gender and religious politics. Multiple Golden Globe award-winner Claire Danes (Romeo and Juliet, The Hours) gi...

"Gabby looked at him, raised her arms to give him Elmo and said, ‘I want you to have my Elmo so you don’t work alone.’"

Did you know that American men are nine times more likely to die of things like heart disease, cancer and other preventable diseases than women? That's why…

Do you know your Metabolic Syndrome Score? Here you will found out what it is and why you need to know this key health indicator. Learn about Metabolic Syndrome and how to check if you have it or are at risk of getting it.

Travel nursing can be a great way to see new places, gain valuable experience and make plenty of money.

Working mothers can deal with the guilt of spending time away from their families, and the tough hours of a nurse can make it all that harder.

Do you ever wish you could make a living at your dream destination—but without putting your manageme

Living in Southwest Florida, we definitely have our share of sunshine. Standard sun prevention measures include hats, sunscreen etc. But some new studies have revealed that taking 500 mg of nicotinamide twice daily can DECREASE the incidence of basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers by 25%. There is some preliminary evidence it may prove …

The German elevator manufacturer has developed technology that will not only reduce wait times, but expand design possibilities.