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Presidential Aviation offers Falcon 900, 900B private jet chartering services, jet management, jet maintenance, and provides the Falcon 900, 900B for sale.

In past years’ Thales Data Threat Reports, we asked IT security pros around the world separate questions about whom they... The post Who’s more of a threat – insiders or external threat actors? appeared first on Data Security Blog | Thales e-Security.

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NBC 6’s Arlene Borenstein takes you to the Sunrise home where Obel Cortes and his wife Joannie's sexy kitchen dance number has scored them more Facebook views and shares than they would have ever imagined.

Florida's rainy season can be detrimental to your home if the proper precaution isn't taken. It's important to be prepared and address any foreseeable problems ahead of time or address any damage that is already done.

BSO Communications Dispatcher Trina Bell and her squad were on vacation in Los Angeles and put their teamwork to the test to win some of Steve Harvey's Hundr...

So you’ve just won a huge case for your client. You worked long hours doing research preparing your client for court and gathering evidence. Now it’s time to let the world know about the verdict.

Last week, in an unprecedented move, the British National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) issued a joint statement with the FBI and the US Department of

The best time to have your air conditioning checked to make sure it's ready for summer heat is before you actually need to use it. Read on to discover some of the benefits of being an early bird when it comes to tuning up your air conditioner.

Whether it's a star rating or a customer experience story, online reviews can significantly impact how people perceive your product or service. If you haven't yet implemented customer reviews, read on to learn how they can improve your brand recognition.

Is there a lesson we can learn from ransomware that we can carry over into other threat areas we perhaps aren’t seeing clearly and effectively addressing?

Sol Cates, VP of technical strategy for Thales, on all the things states and election vendors need to take into account ahead of the 2018 elections.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is changing how buyers pay for that oceanfront condominium or ski chalet.

What's the best setting for central air conditioning? Here's what the folks at Energy Star and Consumer Reports say.

Forget that waterfront home. How about owning a private island, instead? The most exclusive, most luxurious of real estate opportunities, private islands bring an exceptional level of prestige, not to mention the unlimited possibilities to create the ultimate residence, or move into one. Unsurpassed views, exclusive locations, the utmost in privacy—nothing compares to owning your own island. We’ve scoured the planet to find a range of…

We are an industry-leading boutique private aviation company dedicated to providing the highest quality of personalized service to our discerning private jet owners and private jet charter clientele
Presidential Aviation is a safety-centric operator
Private jet passenger safety is the paramount principle for all our activities. To ensure our private jets are maintained to uncompromising safety standards, we
Have our own Jet Maintenance Department.
Are regulated…

This article explains how CPAs can find round numbers in large data sets and when those numbers should raise concerns about possible fraud.

This site has been seized
The domain name Webstresser.org has been seized by the United States Department of Defense, Defense Criminal Investigative Service, Cyber Field Office in accordance with a warrant issued by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. This domain name has been seized in conjunction with Operation Power OFF
Operation Power OFF is a coordinated effort by law enforcement…

The cyber community is often reminded of past events such as large-scale data breaches and vicious cyberattacks that caused mass...

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why the BSO deputies’ union, which enthusiastically endorsed Sheriff Scott Israel two years ago, took a no-confidence vote last week. It’s trying to take advantage of the sheriff’s dark hour to try to extract more money from taxpayers.

After her neighbor’s house was struck by lightning, Julia Luetje, an eleven-year old from Leawood, Kansas developed a fear of thunderstorms. “I’m afraid of

“A small sacrifice was autonomy” Gary Farmer said of joining 400-lawyer Morgan & Morgan after having his own smaller firm. “But with autonomy comes extra headaches.

Since the mass shooting in Parkland two months ago, the IUPA labor union has continued to use the threat of a “no confidence” vote to extort more money, says Broward Sheriff Scott Israel.