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Multiple methods exist for generating tokens and protecting the overall system; but in contrast to encryption, no formal data tokenization standards exist. O...

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The state Supreme Court rejected a challenge by Monsanto Co. on Wednesday to California’s decision to list the main ingredient in its Roundup herbicide as a cause of cancer, the same chemical that a San Francisco jury found responsible for a former school groundskeeper’s cancer in a $289 million verdict last week. The justices denied Monsanto’s request for a review of a lower-court ruling that upheld…

Because of a tractor-trailer fire, a busy route into Miami-Dade from Florida's Turnpike is experiencing gridlock Thursday morning.

Is your AC unit blowing warm air? Nothing can get more frustrating than to wake up in the middle of the night, sweating and tired, because the AC isn’t functioning. With global climate getting warmer each year, it’s even more important now to keep cool. There are a lot of reasons your AC isn’t blowing cold Read More...

Thinking of visiting Fort Lauderdale? That’s a great idea! It’s a popular destination when the winter season gets harsh in the north. In particular, it’s best to go there between December and April. These are the months when you can enjoy the warm climate. Not sure where to go and what to do in Fort Lauderdale? Read Read More...

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority's Juan Toledo talks about South Florida's first Divergent Diamond Interchange between Dolphin Expressway and Northwest 27th Avenue on Monday, August 13, 2018.

As we’re getting into the dog days of summer, the battle to keep our HVAC efficiency at peak is a constant one. As the temperatures rise, so do the power bills, and you want to make sure your unit is running at its best all the time. Below are five tips for making sure your Read More...

Everyone loves golfing in The Bahamas - celebrities, too. Check out these famous faces who have teed off in Nassau Paradise Island.

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The Museum of Mathematics: Inspiring math exploration and discovery

Hands Along the Water is a statewide event to remind our politicians that toxic algae is an important issue to the state's voters. It's Sunday Aug. 12 at

“I don’t get it. I have a friend who is always being recruited and I never get a call. How come some people are always on a recruiter’s radar?”

Since its inception in 1971, The Corradino Group (Corradino) has become a national leader in the fields of engineering, including aviation, transit, infrastructure design and program management. Corradino performs comprehensive planning in each area of its practices, and provides clients with the tools to translate ideas into realities by tailoring solutions based on the clients' needs.

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Watermelon is a super food. It has about 40% more lycopene per cup than tomatoes. Find out what this superfood can do for you.

Jackson Jeyanayagam, Chief Marketing Officer at Boxed, talks about the role heart and science plays in your ecommerce success.

Authorities have arrested Darryl Hanna Jr. for the robbery and double homicide at the Zota Beach Resort on Friday, Aug. 4.

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Three-quarters of U.S. retailers have seen a data breach and half of these retail data breaches occurred in the last year alone, says a new report.

Heidi Maund, Director of Ecommerce at Natori, talks about their ecommerce strategy to accelerate brand growth. Learn more.

More than 100 turtles have been plucked from Sarasota County waters, and another 66 have been found in Collier.

On Tuesday, July 24, the Johnson vs. Monsanto trial resumed with video testimony from Monsanto’s toxicologist, Donna Farmer, who leads the chemical company’s deceptively named Product Safety Center, and who has been a lifelong nemesis of environmental, safe food and farming advocates.It wasn’t easy getting Farmer’s videotaped testimony. Here’s the backstory. When our legal team sent a process server to Farmer’s home in St. Louis, to…

Online videos are huge. Learn to leverage social media video to create a marketing strategy that helps drive sales.