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Despite a report the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention had removed LGBT questions from a federal health survey, the agency insists no decision has been made to omit the module.

Josephine Rizo survived chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, but breast cancer treatment wrecked her finances. Money was already tight when doctors told the Phoenix resident she had an aggressive form of the disease. Then she took a pay cut after going on disability leave, and eventually...

ABINGTON >> As the sound of “Pomp and Circumstance” permeated the gymnasium of Manor College May 17, more than 100 students processed down the aisle of the auditorium, beaming and

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Buster’s experience at the veterinary hospital matters, but his owner’s experience matters even more. Don’t disappoint your clients with long, boring wait times. Build loyalty instead... digitally.

The child support system is outdated and in need of a significant overhaul. Here are four of the current system's most crucial flaws.

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The INFINITI Q70 has always been very progressive when it comes to exterior styling. But what about the powertrain, tech, and the interior? Find out here!

Externally applied sunscreen lotion is the only pharmaceutical product that can protect against UV rays.

Reach out to the office of Alan Goldfarb, P.A today. We’ll begin discussing your case and potential avenues for collecting damages.

Lupe Valdez is wrong for Texas. She wants to turn Texas into another California with job-killing policies, sanctuary cities, and skyrocketing taxes. Unprepared and ill-informed, former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez is the wrong candidate for governor who would eradicate our Texas values and liberties.

From wireless base stations to high-end imaging, if it touches multicore, it’s in the mix

We asked our graduates to share some of their favorite things about Manor College. Watch this video to see what the Class of 2018 said!

Doctors have a surprising array of tools and techniques to beat back the signs of time. These ten in-office fixes will have you looking younger—in a flash.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett "definitely" has concerns about police video footage that shows officers using a stun gun on Bucks rookie Sterling Brown.

Expert Insights: What About Other Home Improvements, Are They Deductible
Yes, but only after you have sold your home. According to the IRS, home improvements add to the basis, or value, of your home. A tax-acceptable improvement is defined as one that adds value to your home, “considerably” prolongs your home’s useful life, or adapts your house to new uses. Examples include installing new plumbing or wiring or adding a bathroom. If the work done on the home is purely for maintenance, the…

Learn about teeth grinding (bruxism) and the symptoms & treatments associated with the condition. Find out more about possible treatments at Oralb.com

Nearly every teen has to deal with face acne at some time or another. How you treat acne on your face determines how long it will be a problem. But gentler methods get rid of acne faster than drastic methods. Here are ten tips every teen needs for dealing with acne on the face. Summary: Gentler methods of treating

'Texas-born singer-songwriter Casey James has gone from pop stardom as a Season Nine finalist on \"American Idol\" to down-home favorite with a debut disc that hit No. 2 on the \"Billboard\" U.S. country charts and spawned the hits \"Crying on a Suitcase\" and \"Let\'s Don\'t Call It a Night.\" But now, James has gone full-on blues with his latest album, aptly titled \"Strip It Down\", featuring…

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Rudy Bowles, a candidate in the Democratic runoff for Maverick County judge, is accused of leaving the county party chairman a voicemail in which he makes a demand and promises to call the "damn Zetas" if he does not get his way.

To get new patients, you need to avoid three mistakes: using stock images, discussing services but not benefits, and forgetting a call to action.

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This special day course will look at how we can find peace in our hearts and meaning in our life through following the Buddhist way of life. In these turbulent times we need special practical methods for keeping a positive mind and transforming our adversities. Buddha taught that through seeking refuge (protection) in the “Three…

Connect with TI’s experts about the latest products, trends and “ah-ha” moments driving the wireless connectivity industry forward.

Certain scents have a way of triggering specific memories or moods, for better or for worse. When you’re staging a home to sell, your space should prompt feelings of peace and comfort. Incorporating—or avoiding—certain scents in your home really can make the difference between prospective buyers loving or loathing your abode. The Power of Smell …