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Discover the luxury of Mayors
Mayors, a luxury retailer since 1910, is expanding its impact in the South Florida market. Our Ft. Lauderdale headquarters is growing! Working under immediate supervision of the Credit & Client Service Center Manager, the Credit & Client Service Representative reviews credit data to evaluate consumer loan requests in order to approve or deny applications up to $15,000. The incumbent analyzes financial…

Multiple methods exist for generating tokens and protecting the overall system; but in contrast to encryption, no formal data tokenization standards exist. O...

Lately I have been thinking, researching, interviewing and writing a lot about the concept of purpose. My work has led me to believe both society and employees are yearning for a higher sense of purpose. Society wants more from its leaders, be it from government, companies, the community, etc. Employees simply [...]

Many factors help determine the cost of car insurance
The amount you'll pay for car insurance is impacted by a number of very different factors—from the type of coverage you have to your driving record to where you park your car. While not all companies use the same parameters, here's a list of what commonly determines the bottom line on your auto policy
Your driving record – The better your record, the lower your premium. If you've had accidents or serious traffic violations…

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The state Supreme Court rejected a challenge by Monsanto Co. on Wednesday to California’s decision to list the main ingredient in its Roundup herbicide as a cause of cancer, the same chemical that a San Francisco jury found responsible for a former school groundskeeper’s cancer in a $289 million verdict last week. The justices denied Monsanto’s request for a review of a lower-court ruling that upheld…

Aretha Franklin, widely regarded as one of the greatest singers of soul and gospel music, has died at the age of 76.

Because of a tractor-trailer fire, a busy route into Miami-Dade from Florida's Turnpike is experiencing gridlock Thursday morning.

It's possible to have a credit score without a credit card. This Ask the Expert video explains what types of credit help you build credit history and how to achieve good credit without cards.

Is your AC unit blowing warm air? Nothing can get more frustrating than to wake up in the middle of the night, sweating and tired, because the AC isn’t functioning. With global climate getting warmer each year, it’s even more important now to keep cool. There are a lot of reasons your AC isn’t blowing cold Read More...

Artificial intelligence and bots can help independent insurance agents better serve clients and compete more effectively in a tight market.

From hyper-local to international, find out how this entrepreneur made her first million.

This calendar includes events taking place in Sunrise, Plantation, Lauderhill, Tamarac and surrounding areas.

Thinking of visiting Fort Lauderdale? That’s a great idea! It’s a popular destination when the winter season gets harsh in the north. In particular, it’s best to go there between December and April. These are the months when you can enjoy the warm climate. Not sure where to go and what to do in Fort Lauderdale? Read Read More...

'Dental Checkup. Including: Cleaning (Prophylaxis, in the abscence of gum disease) X-rays (as necessary) Exam by the doctor Dental X-rays: Revealing Invisible Objects Within the Shadows This deal includes a set of x-rays, which helps the dentist root out cavities and other issues. Check out Groupon’s overview to learn how these invisible rays apply to smiles. Take a walk down the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation—past the…

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority's Juan Toledo talks about South Florida's first Divergent Diamond Interchange between Dolphin Expressway and Northwest 27th Avenue on Monday, August 13, 2018.

As we’re getting into the dog days of summer, the battle to keep our HVAC efficiency at peak is a constant one. As the temperatures rise, so do the power bills, and you want to make sure your unit is running at its best all the time. Below are five tips for making sure your Read More...

Everyone loves golfing in The Bahamas - celebrities, too. Check out these famous faces who have teed off in Nassau Paradise Island.

Sandals offers all-inclusive Caribbean destination wedding & honeymoon packages at the most enchanting resort locations. Plan your dream destination wedding today!

Check out these baby & kid ecommerce store designs to inspire the look and feel of your next business venture.

We can't always blame Mother Nature. Now insurers can quantify water and fire risk from non-weather-related events.

The Museum of Mathematics: Inspiring math exploration and discovery

"Then you crash over me, I'm right where you want me to be, I'm going under, I'm in over my head. Whether I sink, whether I swim, it makes no difference when...