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Need to disconnect from the grid and reconnect to what really matters? The waters of Misty Harbor echo with laughter as parents and children reunite aboard one of America’s finest pontoon brands. Since 1990 Misty Harbor pontoons have been built upon a solid reputation of being the best quality and value one can find in the market place.

All Orientation Days will begin at 9:30am. Time will be set aside to meet with program coordinators. If you don't see your specific program listed you can attend on any date. If the listed date doesn't work for your specific program, we still encourage you to attend on one of the six dates!
Tool Day for the Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Auto Restoration and Auto Collision Programs is Saturday July 21st, 2PM – 6PM.
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Iowa Central Football Camps are held in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on the Iowa Central Community College campus. Iowa Central Football Camps are led by the Tritons coaching staff.

Despite owning the stage and screen with ease, Poppe’s journey to "American Idol" hasn’t been easy on the Clarksville native.

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Misty Harbor manufactures excellence! Our pontoons are known and appreciated for being high quality boats at exceptional values.

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Misty Harbor manufactures excellence! Our pontoons are known and appreciated for being high quality boats at exceptional values.

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