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On February 13, the Senate and Assembly held a joint public hearing in Albany on sexual harassment to discuss ways to best address this serious issue. No industry is free from the scourge of sexual harassment, assault, and inappropriate workplace behavior. The testimony provided during the previous hearing was extremely important and we continue to seek legislative solutions.
On May, 24 we will hold an additional hearing in New York City to continue the conversation about this important topic.

The recovery has been complicated by both federal and local government directives which have left many homeowners confused and angry.

Shortly after school got out on Thursday, a crowd formed outside the station - students from two nearby high schools were fighting each other.

No matter what you think of how things ended on Game of Thrones, you're going to need some new tales of adventure to sweep you away now that the series is over. Even if you haven't been following the twists and turns of events in Westeros, these stories will draw you into rich fantasy worlds, full of drama, intrigue and magic. There are even dragons!

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In a congressional hearing, a witness from the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute said that the Census Bureau should ask about criminal records.

Save the date! On Tuesday June 11 at noon at City Hall we will be rallying for smaller classes, urging the Mayor and the City Coun...

Rahm Emanuel is no longer Chicago's mayor. Now he's a pundit. His approach to governance has been an abject failure — nobody should listen to anything he has to say, about politics or anything else.