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Graston Technique® offers the best IASTM training and therapeutic products in the industry for clinicians treating patients with soft-tissue injuries and range of motion dysfunction. Are you looking for instruments? Run out of emollient? Need a new carrying case? See our full list of complementary therapeutic products below. Sales tax and brokerage fees added where applicable
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Learn how to treat Plantar Fasciitis from Sports Injury Physio. Plantar Fasciitis treatment has many components and you can easily apply them yourself.

Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, tendonitis, muscle stiffness, carpal tunnel, shin splints … when you suffer from any of these conditions or problems, whether acute or long-lasting, you need options that don't involve surgery or Rx. Instead, similar to dry needling and acupuncture, there's a therapy called the Graston Technique® strongly worth considering.

Most people go to physical therapy and expect to learn exercises to help with their pain or injury, such as stretches to improve their range of motion. Sometimes these interventions alone do not completely resolve the problem, but there are specialty techniques that can help, including Graston®.

Trusted Back Pain Specialist serving Kirkland, WA. Contact us at 425-368-5744 or visit us at 12040 98th Ave. NE , Suite 104, Kirkland, WA 98034: Pinnacle Health Chiropractic

Painkilling drugs are blamed for a skyrocketing number of deaths. Learn to tap natural painkillers to ease your pain without addictive pills.

With children getting online at younger and younger ages it’s more important than ever that you take steps to protect your children while they’re online.

Check out these 15 frugal summer activities your family can enjoy together while you make memories that will be cherished for a lifetime:

by: Sarah Busenitz Whether your journey is five miles or 5,000, aches and pains could be an unwelcome travel companion. Here are some tips to help your body survive the adventure: Nutrition: Our bodies are incredibly adaptive; however, traveling gets us out of our normal routines of nutritional intake and physical activity. It is easy to eat more salty and dehydrating foods such …

By Lucie Khadduri, PT, PRPC, Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner, Director of Women’s and Men’s Health Programs for Western WashingtonSo you have pelvic pain….A quick Google search on pelvic pain will yield such medical terms as vulvodynia, endometriosus, interstitial cystitis and other terms such as damage, infertility, and chronic pain.Scary, huh?

Children who are being bullied often exhibit warning signs. Here are some strategies for helping your child to effectively handle a bully.

By Stephanie Bingham, MS, LAT, ATC Ice is a great form of cold therapy to help with the symptoms that can come from bumps and bruises. Applying ice to an injury can help to decrease pain and inflammation in a localized area, helping to speed recovery. Ice packs are a great way to apply ice …

Join ATI Physical Therapy for an Educational Event!Dr. Ketan Mody, MD, CAQSM, of Elite Sports Medicine Institute joins us to speak about "Avoiding Surgery with Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections."Appetizers will be served.Please RSVP to Carrie Taylor at or 630-209-0223.We look forward to seeing you!

By Chanon Vallas MS, OTR/L, CHTApril is marked to celebrate the profession of occupational therapy and the impact it has on the diverse populations that benefit from this specialized therapy.

By: Kelley Zimbelman PT, DPT, Claremore, OK Center Summer is a common time for people to start getting back into shape. Because it is a high calorie burner, running is a popular exercise option. Unfortunately, discomfort and injuries can lead new participants to give up on running prematurely. To help decrease the odds of getting injured, …

Harriette Thompson — all 94 years of her — became the oldest person to run a half-marathon over the weekend. 

Join Our Team!ATI is proud to be a place where remarkable things happen.

If you can crush 20 miles in a 45-minute class, surely you can take on a road ride or your first sprint triathlon, right? Well... kind of.