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'Choice of: Dental Package for One Child, Includes Exam, X-Rays, and Teeth Cleaning Dental Package for Two Children, Includes Exam, X-Rays, and Teeth Cleaning Choice of Two Locations: Fontana Ontario Plaque: Bacteria on Attack Though trips to the dentist are important, the real work of dental hygiene is done at home. Get inspired to floss daily with Groupon’s analysis of plaque. Most people have been told…

A fun and easy dental sensory play idea for kids, you can make these DIY teeth easily at home with just two ingredients and then set up an awesome tooth brushing sensory play activity

Follow these simple driving safety tips to lower your risk of an accident and ensure maximum safety on the road.

A beautiful smile. It's one of your most attractive traits. But what can destroy your teeth? Poor dental hygiene habits. And guess what. Most people are not caring for their teeth properly! Keeping your teeth in top shape requires regular visits to the dentist. However - good denta

Are you at risk for developing oral cancer? Find out what behaviors you can and cannot change to prevent this form of cancer.

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SAN FRANCISCO – Homelessness, public safety and affordability rank as the top concerns among San Francisco voters, according to the 2018 Dignity Health CityBeat Poll which was unveiled February 2 at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s annual CityBeat Breakfast event attended by nearly 900 business and civic leaders. Full results of the poll are... Read more »

Urgent care doctor John Martinez, MD, discusses six tips for surviving cold and flu season.

You're brushing and flossing like you should, so why does your breath stink? Here are 10 things that might be the reason.

Smile Generation Serve Day is a day where Smile Generation®-trusted offices provide donated dental care to patients in need. This year, 540 offices in sevent...

Women and men, older adults, and children all benefit from making exercise a habit. Here are some tips to help you determine the best routine for you.

Each year in July, we commemorate the 300,000 children & their families in the U.S. who face the everyday challenges of living with juvenile arthritis.

Celebrate your birthday by giving Hope. When you donate your birthday to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, you help us build hope for our community and beyond.

From single-serve oatmeal to spinach-feta wraps, here are some of my family's post-travel freezer favorites (without any mention of frozen waffles).

A dental implant with a built-in reservoir allows the slow release of antimicrobial drugs that prevent and eliminate biofilms to reduce risk of infection.

Gentle chiropractic treatments have shown to be beneficial for growing children. If you have a young child at home, ask us if we think that they would benefit from pediatric chiropractic care.

Your wedding day is one of the happiest of your life. So you'll surely be glowing as you see your groom, greet your guests, and twirl around the dance floor. To ensure that your smile is as radiant as possible, read our tricks for whiter teeth, beautiful lips, and a natural smile.