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Enterprises upgrade technology, training, equipment and policies to protect those on their own.Utility technicians, home health nurses, retail stockroom employees, rail yard maintenance personnel and prison guards all have at least one thing in common: They often work alone, outside the sight or sound of another colleague. The settings in which they perform their duties are fraught with potential dangers ranging from active shooters to environmental hazards.

The CSO is the executive responsible for the organization's entire security posture, both physical and cyber, and has the big picture view of the company's operational risk.

Everbridge, Inc. has announced it is supporting the Information Security Hub (ISH) at Munich Airport with its crisis and disaster management solutions

Prepping for active shooters isn’t quite the same as running a fire drill or other evacuation procedure but it’s necessary to prepare employees for all kinds of emergency situations. That’s where AI comes in.

Fraudulent ticket sales have spiked, Forter research shows that foreign fraudsters comprise 3.8 percent of attempted ticket purchases for the Super Bowl

This year was the fourth-costliest on record for the insurance industry despite a drop in total economic losses from natural and man-made catastrophes.

Communities reeling from the devastation of the fires that swept through California have a new threat ahead of them; mudslides.
Emergency managers and public information officers must shift from emergency response and recovery to planning, prevention, and public education for what could be a compounding disaster. Consider the following types of messages to make sure residents are informed and prepared.

Though many security managers tend to have tunnel vision on the techy aspects of building a SOC, often the most important things to consider are the most basic and in a command center environment, that begins with an operator-centric design.

The inspiration for “Just Breathe” first came about a little over a year ago when I overheard my then 5-year-old son talking with his friend about how emotio...