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As the average lifespan increases, more Americans find themselves facing the risk of outliving their retirement savings.

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Those hoping to use smart home tech for aging in place should consider these best practices to make informed decisions that benefit the user experience.

If you're struggling with caregiver burnout and having a hard time also juggling work, you'll want to read WellBe Founder Adrienne Nolan-Smith's story and the tips that can help you get through.

Capital Pawn located in Salem, OR Phone#: (503) 385-1394 - Check them out for DEALS and to get a loan

Calypso Rose is living proof that you're never too old to play Coachella.
Rose, 78, made history this year as the music festival's oldest performer in its history as well as its first calypsonian booked for a full set.
Her Tobagonian vibes wowed the young crowd at her 45-minute performance last weekend. Before she takes the stage again this Friday, here's what you should know about the star.

She was born in North Dakota in 1909. Surrounded by family on her special day, she keeps on smiling.

What if by not sticking at a career, through tough times and all, the workforce of today misses out on the satisfaction and rewards that can be gleaned from longevity? What if the grass isn’t actually greener?

Moving to Fort Lauderdale? This eclectic city offers a little something for everyone! Check out these things to know to make your move a prepared one.

Caring for elderly parents doesn’t need to be complex. Follow these 12 easy steps to make life easier for your aging parents today.

A veteran from the Town of Lockport has been bringing shelter dogs treats once a week since the 90s!

When you think of embracing new technology, younger generations may come to mind, but there are a growing number of ways that tech can help the elderly. Here are some gadgets to help seniors maintain their independence.

Happy Birthday Houston Blancett. On Friday he's turing 90-years-alive, and he's celebrating while still working. "I enjoy working," said Blancett, "I enjoy working with the crew here." It's tough to call Blancett young, but it's even tougher to call him old.

If you've hit a wall in your career, get outside of your company and into the networking scene around you.

Hamptonite Chaloner Chute chronicles his adventurous climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa for his landmark 70th birthday.

Home » Financial Education » 7 Tips to Help You Protect Your Identity
This is what happens when your identity and other personal information has become compromised by fraudsters
To help protect your personal data, we’ve compiled the following list of handy tips
Be wary of calls from unknown numbers or people.
­­Scammers often present unsolicited requests for purchase verification, as someone at the IRS or…

Most adults with arthritis don’t exercise. In South Carolina and North Carolina up to 70% of adults with arthritis get less than 90 minutes of exercise each week.

If you made a list of the heart attack risk factors for men and, then, a list for women, the two would look very similar. Yet, there are some items on those lists, which leave women more at risk than men for a heart attack.

I like to chat. I chat first thing in the morning about any problems I faced in the night. Then I chat at lunch about events of the morning, and I chat in the evening about the rest of the day...Read More

Are your brakes squealing, grinding or rattling? Learn what causes common brake problems and how to solve them before they become dangerous.

Home » Financial Education » It’s Tax Time, Business Owners: Are You Ready to File
For new business owners, and even experienced ones, tax season can be stressful and confusing. To help you weather the financial recordkeeping storm, we’ve talked with certified business tax prep pros and put together the following list of tips and to-dos.
Start Early (If You Can)
Ideally, your tax prep begins with the first of the year. But if you’re reading this and haven’t started pulling your tax…

Murph Edlund, 94, and Harold Schleigh, 97, are regulars in the Elk's mixed league at Dual Lanes on Thursday nights, where they bowl with their sons.

As they age, most people develop small pouches in their colon wall, called diverticuli. Many people spend their lives without ever noticing a problem, but when the diverticuli become infected problems result.