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Those hoping to use smart home tech for aging in place should consider these best practices to make informed decisions that benefit the user experience.

What if by not sticking at a career, through tough times and all, the workforce of today misses out on the satisfaction and rewards that can be gleaned from longevity? What if the grass isn’t actually greener?

Caring for elderly parents doesn’t need to be complex. Follow these 12 easy steps to make life easier for your aging parents today.

A group of muscles in your shoulder make up the rotator cuff. Injuries can bring pain and sleepless nights. McLeod Orthopedic Specialist David Lukowski, MD, explained to a group of Brunswick County North Carolina residents how to spot and treat rotator cuff injuries.

Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is a non-surgical radiation therapy that treats cancerous tumors in the brain and spine. This form of treatment allows the McLeod Radiation Oncology team to deliver precisely-targeted radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy in a fewer number of treatments offering patients more convenience and a better quality of life.

Despite hysterectomy ranking as one of the most common surgeries in this country, many myths or misinformation still surround this procedure.

Open the appropriate app. Take a finger and touch the top of your wrist watch. Hold this for 30-seconds while electrodes on the back of the watch detect electrical signals from your heart and looks for rhythm abnormalities.

With the scans and tests completed and a cancer diagnosis confirmed the next step is often your first appointment with an oncologist.

Every heart problem doesn’t immediately lead to surgery. Treating problems with medications instead of, before or after surgery plays an important role in a heart patient maintaining their lifestyle.

Repetitive twisting or turning of your neck or a sudden jerk can trigger pain caused by a herniated disk in the upper part of the spine. McLeod Spine Surgeon W.S. (Bill) Edwards explains how to spot the symptoms and the range of treatments available for a herniated disc in the cervical spine.

A woman facing fibroids has a range of treatments available – from medication to removal of the uterus. McLeod OB/GYN Gary Emerson, MD, explains one robotic-assisted surgical treatment that can preserve a woman’s fertility.

Thanks to early diagnosis and a range of new treatment discoveries, women with breast cancer are seeing improved chances of long-term survival.

Happy Birthday Houston Blancett. On Friday he's turing 90-years-alive, and he's celebrating while still working. "I enjoy working," said Blancett, "I enjoy working with the crew here." It's tough to call Blancett young, but it's even tougher to call him old.

Hip pain often results from arthritis due to wear-and-tear. Treatments start with nonsurgical options and can lead to a total hip joint replacement, as McLeod Orthopedic Specialist Christopher Walsh, MD explains.

Cardiologist, who medically treat and perform some cardiac-related procedures, are an important specialty for heart patients. Yet at McLeod, cardiologists are just one part of a much larger team of heart and vascular specialists, as explained by McLeod Cardiologist Alan Blaker, MD:

If you've hit a wall in your career, get outside of your company and into the networking scene around you.

Colon cancer strikes 5-6% of the population, this can be detected and prevented with screening colonoscopy” says McLeod Gastroenterologist* Dr. Davinderbir Pannu.

Hamptonite Chaloner Chute chronicles his adventurous climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa for his landmark 70th birthday.

A small bowtie- or butterfly-shaped organ, the thyroid sits in the front of your neck just above the collarbone and acts much like a regulator for the body. By storing and releasing two hormones (T3, T4), the thyroid controls how quickly you burn calories (metabolism) and how fast the heart beats.

Weight gain – within limits -- during pregnancy is considered normal. If a woman is overweight or obese BEFORE becoming pregnant, she affects the chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.

Most adults with arthritis don’t exercise. In South Carolina and North Carolina up to 70% of adults with arthritis get less than 90 minutes of exercise each week.

From a presentation atIf you know where you stand on the risk factors for heart disease, you can do something to change them for the better. McLeod Cardiologist Anne Everman, M.D., discusses what you need to know about heart risk factors.

Waiting until you are pregnant might be a bit late for the welfare of your baby. These days the topic of Preconception Health receives increasing attention. In its simplest sense, Preconception Health means care you receive before getting pregnant.

As the largest joint in our bodies -- one that flexes 5 thousand to 10 thousand times a day -- it’s not surprising that the knee is one of the most injured and most easily injured joints.

Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. It is also the second most common type of cancer disease (next to breast cancer) that we see in this region of South Carolina.

The tendons that run along the outside of a foot are commonly the source of pain and problems. McLeod Orthopedic Specialist Ross Taylor, MD, explains.

Ever wonder why some people can eat anything and never gain weight or have heart problems. An overactive thyroid often takes the blame or praise, as it may be. New research indicates that it may actually be a mutant gene.

Most conversations and articles around the topic of Pelvic Health focus on women starting at age 35. Pelvic Health information for and about young women and teens are equally important.

A woman’s regular period (menstruation) can be troublesome but reflects a body that is functioning properly.

A 70-year-old El Paso exercise instructor knows what it takes to stick with a workout. Here are her tips for finding an exercise routine you can keep.

Your feet and ankles have a big job, supporting and helping move you throughout life. No wonder then that they can be the source of a number of health problems.

Surgery, radiation and conventional chemotherapy stand as the hallmarks of current cancer treatment. Now the term “targeted therapy” frequently enters the conversation.

Fibroids – non-cancerous growths in the uterus – are the most common pelvic tumor in women. Fibroids are also a major reason that women decide to undergo hysterectomies or myomectomies.

Thanks to improved surgical approaches, pain management and pre-surgical preparation, the recovery from a knee joint replacement is very different from a few years ago. McLeod Orthopedic Specialist Thomas DiStefano, MD, offers a picture of what the knee joint replacement patient can expect after the surgery:

Long-distance caregiving requires more than weekly phone calls and occasional visits. Here are the first steps to take when becoming a long-distance caregiver.

A 100-year-old bachelor finally found true love when he married his 96-year-old girlfriend in their nursing home, in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Turners year long ambition has finally come to pass and he wasn’t going to let his age or even the rain keep him from completing his bold and crazy dream.