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FLORENCE, S.C. – McLeod Health is waiving the fees for its McLeod TeleHealth service now through Sept. 27 to help those affected by Hurricane Florence and the continued impacts from

“The best way to prevent colon cancer is to have a screening colonoscopy,” says McLeod Gastroenterologist Dr. Timothy Spurling. “If we find and remove polyps, we prevented them from turning into colon cancer.

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Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in men, after prostate and lung cancer and second most common in women, after breast cancer.

“We had 600 communities then added 500 more. When you almost double in size, trying to manage all that information in your systems — combined with name changes and such — is a big job. We were pulling from several different sites and had a mass of information. There were multiple phone numbers for one community. Multiply that by 1,100, and it was just crazy. Yext helped us get our digital presence under control.” - Jeff Large, Manager, Digital Content

Thanks to continuing research, smokers or former smokers who are at high risk for lung cancer now have a screening test that can help spot cancer earlier, increasing survival.

Leukemia – like all cancers – results from the wrong kind of cells growing in the body. Unlike normal cells, these cancer cells don’t die, they continue to divide and eventually crowd out the healthy cells.

FLORENCE, S.C. – Registered nurse Jeremy Odom was named the August DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center.

The most influential and celebrated R&B singer of her time, has died, at 76, after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer.

You can’t handle your normal daily tasks. There may be significant pain, bad enough to keep you awake at night. You tried nonsurgical treatments without success. Might even be suffering some side effects from medication. Then…

Surgical procedures can dramatically reduce your chances of suffering a stroke. McLeod Vascular Surgeon Joshua Sibille, MD, explains how he diagnoses pre-stroke conditions and the vascular procedures used to avoid an approaching stroke.

Multiple myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer. It occurs when plasma cells in a person’s bone marrow react abnormally. It can even result in DNA changes in your bone marrow. Yet, it can be treated, says McLeod Oncologist James Smith, MD.

Let’s start this story backward. One of the ways to keep your knee and hip joints strong as an adult is with weight-bearing exercises. The best way to build up those bones for your knees and hips as an adult is to start when you are a teen.

Swelling in your legs and ankles. New varicose veins. Legs that are restless, heavy, tired, aching or discolored. These are the typical signs of a painful and potentially dangerous disease of your blood vessels.

SRS basically uses computers and digital imaging to deliver large doses of radiation in small places with extreme accuracy. Three-dimensional digital imaging (CT, MRI or PET scan) is used to identify even the smallest tumors.