Health in Florence, SC

Many people with chest pain will find themselves referred to a cardiologist for a test to find heart blockages. McLeod Cardiologist Fred Krainin, MD, describes the role and process of the cardiac catheterization.

The causes of endometriosis, the growth of uterine lining cells outside the uterus, are still unknown. Yet, there are a few treatments that seem to work.

When your arteries start to clog with fatty plaque – a condition called atherosclerosis -- you are on the road to a heart attack. McLeod Cardiologist Vaishali Swami, MD, points out the symptoms to spot so you can seek treatment and avoid a heart attack.

Some women’s practices are offering a patient-centered group for pregnant women, called Centering Pregnancy. Thomas Chappell, a Certified Nurse Midwife with McLeod Women’s Care Clarendon explains this alternative for prenatal care.

Researchers are finding many ways to help deduce or eliminate side effects of cancer chemotherapy. One of chemotherapy’s side effects still escapes the researchers, according to McLeod Seacoast Oncologist Stewart Sharp, MD. Yet, there are ways to help the patient.

Adding to the anxiety of cancer is the unknown of what your first chemotherapy treatment will be like. McLeod Seacoast Oncologist Stewart Sharp, MD, helps relieve the unknown by explaining what happens when you go in for a chemotherapy cancer treatment.

Cancer doctors continually learn how to more specifically target the tumor, while reducing harm to the remainder of the body. McLeod Seacoast Oncologist Stewart Sharp, MD, reveals some of the newer developments in cancer chemotherapy.

Pain comes with aging. But a specific type of back pain warns of an impending disaster – a bulge in one of your body’s key blood vessels, ready to explode.

Our hip joints are incredibly designed to serve us well. However, wear and tear, disease or injury can lead to medical treatment and even surgery.

Where can you find information? Who should be on your “team?” A mastectomy vs. the less invasive lumpectomy? What are lymph nodes and why are they important?

FLORENCE, S.C.– City of Florence officials and McLeod Health staff members presented a check for $12,704 to the Susan G. Komen South Carolina program on Wednesday.

While on an American Airlines flight, the Chicago Blackhawks star gave up his first-class seat to a soldier who came on board.

Every cancer patient will spend a great deal of time with their Medical Oncologist. This cancer specialist follows patients from diagnosis through their treatment and coordinates with other specialists who are also treating the patient. One of the McLeod Medical Oncologists, Karim Tazi, MD, offers a detailed look at this important role and the use of cancer treatments.

Stay Safe during Extreme Heat. Excessive heat has caused more deaths than all other weather events in this country. If your community is dealing with the heat and humidity