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The nature of venous disease stretches from minor cosmetic problems to major debilitating pain and discomfort to chronic wounds that don’t heal for many months, sometimes years, due to a failure of the veins to drain blood from the feet and legs back to the heart. Depending on the symptoms’ severity and the cause of the symptoms, different treatments are warranted.

Those tiny little veins that look like webs on your legs have been given the name of spider veins. They are more common in women than men and are unattractive.

Except for apes and some monkeys, our thumbs (moving in opposition to our fingers) set us apart from many of the earth’s creatures, allowing us to undertake many unique actions.

In your body, the heart pumps blood through your arteries, taking oxygen out to your fingers, legs and feet.
On the other hand, veins bring the blood back from those locations to your heart and lungs, to get more oxygen.

Many women suffer from either fibroids or endometrial polyps. Both medical issues have similar symptoms and can affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant.

Pregnant women with high blood sugar levels – even if they don’t have full-blown diabetes – put their babies at risk of developing congenital heart defects. It is the most common birth defect, affecting about 1% of babies, ranging from mild problems to devastating effects. The study’s findings, published late in 2017, could lead to improved pregnancy screenings in the future, but may also require more research.

This is "McLeod Medical Park Hartsville" by McLeod Health on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

At first glance, the headline for this article may seem from the Department of “Research on the Obvious.” However, here are some facts that offer more insight to help you eat foods that will keep your heart healthy.

“Life after total joint replacement of a knee or hip can be great – if you follow your therapy to regain strength and balance and take some precautions,” says McLeod Orthopedic Surgeon Barry Clark, DO.

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