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Let’s start this story backward. One of the ways to keep your knee and hip joints strong as an adult is with weight-bearing exercises. The best way to build up those bones for your knees and hips as an adult is to start when you are a teen.

Swelling in your legs and ankles. New varicose veins. Legs that are restless, heavy, tired, aching or discolored. These are the typical signs of a painful and potentially dangerous disease of your blood vessels.

SRS basically uses computers and digital imaging to deliver large doses of radiation in small places with extreme accuracy. Three-dimensional digital imaging (CT, MRI or PET scan) is used to identify even the smallest tumors.

Here is a retirement checklist that provides a list of things you must do to financially prepare for retirement.

Medical terms are often challenging to understand. Here are some of the frequently used medical terms to help you prepare for your total joint replacement surgery.

The valves in our hearts control the blood flow in and out of that crucial organ. As we age, two problems can develop. A valve can thicken and fail to open completely, preventing the blood from emptying out of the heart. Or a valve can start leaking, allowing the blood to go in the wrong direction.

Forget gardening, golfing and grandchildren, today's retirement often means working — at least part time.

Say the word “bruise” and most people think of that black-and-blue coloration caused when blood vessels under the skin leak. A bone bruise – also called a bone contusion or bone edema (uh-DEE-ma) – can also result in skin discoloration but there are many differences.

Hysterectomy – the word, the surgery – triggers many emotions in a woman. However, McLeod Gynecologist Joycelyn Schindler, MD, says the robotic-assisted hysterectomy can help reduce some of the pain and associated anxiety.

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World War II taught the world many lessons. One of those discoveries was the importance of special training needed for successful surgery on hands, sparked by the many hand wounds suffered by soldiers.