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Running a 5K may seem like an unimaginable feat, but every race is completed one step at a time. Here are our five tips to get you to the finish line.

Try some of these light treats to curb your cravings while getting important nutrients.

Although there are some obvious ways to monitor your health for skin cancer warning signs, a few symptoms may be unexpected. It's important to familiarize yourself with skin cancer concerns that go beyond abnormal moles.

Dr. Vincent Benivegna, DDS shares his insights into how the opioid crisis is impacting his field of work, and what dentists in Michigan are striving to do to combat the opioid epidemic.

Your range is the centerpiece and workhorse of your kitchen so it’s important you choose one you will love. The big selling ranges are electric radiant smooth top ranges, but there are many options…

Register for the 2018 Atwood Stadium Races
The Atwood Stadium 5K & 10K in Partnership with the Crim Fitness Foundation kicks off on Saturday, July 21, 2018. The Atwood Races are an important and growing community event that incorporates many of the challenges of the former Tuuri race course–including, but not limited to the new Flint River Trail. Both 10K @ 5K races start and finish at Flint’s historical Atwood Stadium.
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Applegate Chevrolet Company is a new and used Chevrolet car and truck dealership in Flint, MI. We proudly offer auto sales and service to all drivers in Michigan. Visit us in Flint today!

I love it when circumstances leave a gift-wrapped insight on my doorstep. I had such a serendipitous moment last weekend, about new…

Although all four of them took different paths, the Moehring/Tannian family came to Kettering University to make a difference in all of their futures. The three siblings and their mother knew the University would help set them up for success
2018 Kettering award recipients announced
Twelve Kettering University graduating students have been recognized as recipients of prestigious President’s Medal, Sobey Scholar and Leaders Fellow awards this…

Cool roofs can be a little confusing, since they don’t all look the same. A cool roof can be a coating, or a bunch of reflective tiles. It’s usually a bright color, but not always white. In some ways, a cool roof is more of a concept, but it does have a few defining characteristics: it absorbs less heat, reflects more sunlight, and can dramatically reduce your energy consumption
To better understand the function and benefits of cool roofs, we turned to Rory…

Gabrielle Scott '18 gave the student Commencement address at the 2018 Kettering University Commencement Ceremony on June 16, 2018.

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

Photos by Ryan Kerwin, JTV. Photos from Juneteeth at CP Federal Square, Downtown Jackson. June 16th, 2018. JTV Order prints or purchase download rights c

At Meijer, we love meat - visit our meat counter for custom cuts of fresh, tender beef and the choicest pork and chicken.

FLINT, Mich. --Are you looking to make a furry, four-legged addition to your family?Genesee County Animal Control will be waiving adoption fees this weekend.However, you do have to be pre-approved.If you’re approved, you’ll be contacted by Friday, Jun 15.I

At about 8:30 pm, on Monday evening, June 8, 1953, a tornado touched down near the intersection of W. Coldwater and North Linden roads, just north of Flint. Before the storm left Genesee County, 116 people died in the Beecher district. A one half mile wide track of destruction was left
Most people living in the area were at home with the children in bed. By the time people heard the storm’s roar their houses were being torn apart.
The slow moving tornado…

Should you work on your own roof
Some roofing jobs can be completed by knowledgeable and brave homeowners. Others should be left to professional roofing contractors .
Replacing the entire roof means you’ll need a contractor regardless of materials used
If your roofer approves, you might be able to get a discount by dismantling the old roof yourself
For smaller repairs, you can DIY it if you have the right tools and decent balance in high places
Nailing down a shingle or two,…

How Slack and its platform are ushering in the era of invisible business apps. Read more!