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Current Baker College cyber defense students answer the question: "Why did you choose a degree in Cyber Defense?" For more information on our College of Info...

The weather is cooling down, the kiddos are going back to school, and fall is less than a month away! With September in full swing, it’s time to start prepping our homes for fall. Without further a…

Applegate Chevrolet Company is a new and used Chevrolet car and truck dealership in Flint, MI. We proudly offer auto sales and service to all drivers in Michigan. Visit us in Flint today!

Learn more about the Gay Straight Alliance in this Kettering University student club spotlight.

Owens Corning Roofing and Habitat for Humanity Capital Region working together on project

The Flint Institute of Arts is the second largest art museum in Michigan and one of the largest museum art schools in the nation.

Joel Hurd ‘20 has a strong appreciation for thinking outside the box in his engineering education and in his career. He’s finding ways to surround himself with entrepreneurs, world-changers, innovators, and business-minded individuals.
Hurd, a Mechanical Engineering major at Kettering University, was recently accepted into Forbes Under 30 Scholars Program allowing him to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3 in Boston.

Starting in Winter 2019, Kettering University will offer new Personal Finance courses for students
The two-part, two-credit courses will help students learn how to plan their financial futures through budgeting, investing in the stock market, managing credit, and more
Kettering honors nine alumni for entrepreneurship, community service
The Kettering University Alumni Association will honor nine alumni for successes in their careers, entrepreneurship, community service, philanthropy, and…

The end of Summer is near; therefore, it’s time for some clean up before the cooler air catches us off guard. This type of cleaning will help prep the house for the cooler weather,prepare you for r…

Sloan*Longway was created when Longway Planetarium and Sloan Museum joined in 2004.

By: Dr. Jill Langen, PhD
September 10, 2018
September 15 is National Online Learning Day, a day that showcases how students of all ages are thriving with the ability to learn online—anywhere, anytime. It seeks to cultivate awareness of, and support for, this ever-growing community of learners and to celebrate the future of online education—wherever technology and our imaginations take us! In celebration of National Online…

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan offers a variety of health care options and resources that help businesses stand out from the competition.

Satellite picture of the Richat Structure (false colour)
The Richat Structure or Guelb er Richât (Arabic قلب الريشات Qalb ar-Rīšāt), also dubbed the "Eye of Africa", [1] is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara 's Adrar Plateau , near Ouadane , west–central Mauritania
The Richat Structure is a deeply eroded , slightly elliptical dome with a diameter of 40 kilometres (25 mi). The…

If you travel to warmer areas when the Michigan winters roll around, it’s important to know what Medicare will cover your care outside the state.

Wherever you go, go confidently. Now is the time to learn about your Medicare options.

Dine in, take out, cater. Affordable, authentic Italian / American cuisine. Guarantee generous servings. Steak, pizza, burgers, chicken. Call 810-636-2175.

At Fazoli's, we provide an experience that's second to none. We call it "Elevated" QSR. Our customers call it home and our franchisees call it family. Even better, we're the only elevated, Italian, Quick Service Restaurant franchise. We do things differently than the other guys for a reason - it works!

September is National Chicken Month and we have the perfect recipe for you! A little sweet, a little tart, big on taste! Cilantro-Lime Chicken with Grilled Watermelon Servings: 1 Protein 2 Vegetab…

European lawmaker writes post warning about dangers of automatic copyright filters, which is taken down by an automatic copyright filter

Using parchment paper to roast vegetables in the oven makes clean-up a snap. No oil, butter or added fats are needed as parchment paper creates a non-stick surface. Baking “en papillote”…