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The Collect
Rite I:
Almighty God, who in a rude and barbarous age didst raise up thy deacon Alcuin to rekindle the light of learning: Illumine our minds, we pray thee, that amid the uncertainties and confusions of our own time we may show forth thine eternal truth; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever…

Did you know that drinking your tap water could increase your risk of cancer?

An environmental non-profit and university researchers found PFAS chemical exposure in the water in 43 states

Township officials said the sharp increase was due to a change in testing protocol this year that targeted older homes likely to have lead fixtures.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Friday, May 10, 2019
The Collect
Rite I:
God of new life in Christ: We remember the bold witness of thy servant Nicolaus von Zinzendorf, through whom thy Spirit moved to draw many to faith and conversion of life. We pray that we, like him, may rejoice to sing thy praise; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
Rite II:
God of new life…

We often see drivers outside of their truck waiting for assistance after a breakdown, but how did the drivers safely get out of their truck?

The Collect
O God, whose blessed Son made himself known to his disciples in the breaking of bread: Open the eyes of our faith, that we may behold him in all his redeeming work; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
First Lesson:
Acts 9:1-6,(7-20)
1Meanwhile Saul, still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest 2and asked him for letters to the…

The right workwear is critical to performing your job safely and effectively. Learn more about the most important factors when it comes to outdoor workwear.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019
At The Liturgy of the Word
At least two of the following Lessons are read, of which one is always the Lesson from Exodus. After each Lesson, the Psalm or Canticle listed, or some other suitable psalm, canticle, or hymn may be sung. A period of silence may be kept; and a suitable Collect, such as those on pages 288-291 of the Prayer Book, may be said
Genesis 1:1-2:4a [The Story of Creation]
Genesis 7:1-5, 11-18, 8:6-18, 9:8-13 [The…

Sila Nano is a developer of new battery materials, which it says outperform existing lithium-ion technologies.

Diesel fuel contains sulfur, which derives from the original crude oil source and can still be present after refining. After combustion in the engine, this sulfur forms particulates that are a primary contributor to air pollution and the cause of harmful corrosion in the engine
Before global efforts to improve air quality and remove sulfur from fuel came about, high levels of detergent additives were a…

You already know candy and juice cause cavities, but the seemingly innocuous snacks on this list are pretty shocking.

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The Collect
Rite I:
Do not let thy Church close its eyes, O Lord, to the plight of the poor and neglected, the homeless and destitute, the old and the sick, the lonely and those who have none to care for them. Give us the vision and compassion with which thou didst so richly endow thy servant William Augustus Muhlenberg, that we may labor tirelessly to heal those who are broken…

Friday, April 05, 2019 Monday, April 05, 2021 Tuesday, April 05, 2022
The Collect
Rite I:
Everliving God, who didst call the women at the tomb to witness to the resurrection of thy Son: We offer thanks for the courageous and independent spirit of thy servant Pandita Ramabai, the mother of modern India; and we pray that we, like her, may embrace thy gift of new life, caring for the poor, braving resentment to uphold the dignity of women, and offering the riches…

Tuesday, April 02, 2019 Thursday, April 02, 2020 Friday, April 02, 2021 Saturday, April 02, 2022
The Collect
Rite I:
Teach thy Church, O Lord, we beseech thee, to value and support pioneering and courageous missionaries, whom thou callest, as thou didst call thy servant James Lloyd Breck, to preach, and teach, and plant thy Church on new frontiers; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
Rite II:…

Monday, April 01, 2019 Wednesday, April 01, 2020 Thursday, April 01, 2021 Friday, April 01, 2022
The Collect
Rite I:
Almighty God, who hast restored our human nature to heavenly glory through the perfect obedience of our Savior Jesus Christ: Keep alive in thy Church, we beseech thee, a passion for justice and truth; that we, like thy servant Frederick Denison Maurice, may work and pray for the triumph of the kingdom of thy Christ; who liveth and reigneth with thee and the…

Thursday, March 28, 2019 Saturday, March 28, 2020
Year (cycle)
Rite I:
O God the font of resurrected life, we bless thee for the courageous witness of thy deacon, James Solomon Russell, whose mosaic ministry overcame all adversities: Draw us into the wilderness and speak tenderly to us there so that we might love and worship thee as he did, assured in our legacy of saving grace through Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, for ever and…

Sleep struggles are common among 2- and 3-year-olds, and when you take a look at the huge developmental changes they're going through, it's easy to se

On Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 2 pm, The Rev. Paula J. Toland will be formally instituted as rector of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church by the Rt. Rev. Carlye Hughes, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark.

WABCO Holdings Inc. unveiled a new version of the OnGuardActive collision mitigation system . OnGuardActive is a radar-based active safety system that provides forward collision warning, active braking and adaptive cruise control to assist drivers in recognizing and responding to situations that could lead to a rear-end collision
The newest version of OnGuardActive allows for a full stop from up to 37 MPH through active braking…