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Dear Editor, We, the past state presidents of the Montana Business and Professional Women’s Organization, encourage women to consider involving themselves in public service and politics. The culture of our country is changing rapidly, leaning away from ethics and truth. The only way we can change that is to continue to work respectfully for moral...

Writing a novel is an awesome undertaking, requiring time, skill, and oodles of imagination. A lot of people give lip service to the idea of writing a novel, usually confidently citing the amazing ideas they have along with a deep disdain for the novels that are getting published without their invol

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Becoming, by Michelle Obama
The memoir of any first lady is a major publishing event, but Michelle Obama stands doubly apart as a uniquely consequential figure who became a powerful advocate for women and girls around the world during her tenure, even while raising a family under the watchful eye o

Politics have always played a huge role in YA, from royal fantasies to reproductive fiction to immigrant narratives to contemporary romances that beg for some sort of meeting across the aisle. Sometimes the politics are explicit and sometimes implicit, but there's no question politics are as import

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Real-world takes on classics, fairy tales, and even historical lore might not be as common as fantasy versions, but that's what makes it so cool when an author pulls them off. Whether it's turning famous literary heroes and historical figures into teens, diversifying the works of Shakespeare and Aus

In an inclusive economy, all Washingtonians would have access to economic security and the opportunity to prosper. Even though Washington’s economy is growing, progress isn’t reaching everybody. Income inequality is increasing, and too many people are still struggling to make ends meet – even those who work full time. This is especially true for many workers and families of color, who have long faced greater barriers…

The Internet of Things involves many types of new connections and now car vending machines are being added to the mix. The fourteenth car vending machine in the U.S. just opened in the Fishtown
neighborhood of Philadelphia.

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Terri Hiskey
The “Amazon Effect.” It’s a term many have heard, but what does it mean? While it can mean different things to different people, in general, it refers to the phenomenon of how consumers’ interactions with Amazon are driving new expectations for how buyers and suppliers interact with businesses, including manufacturers
With Amazon, we search for what we need, and…

The OEE KPIs Dashboard for EDA Mattec Content shows how the combination of ERP and MES content in the same EDA solution from Epicor gives shops a complete, affordable, and easy-to-use system
September 25, 2018
Booth A-2942: This OEE KPIs Dashboard for EDA Mattec Content shows how the combination of Epicor ERP and Mattec MES content in the same EDA solution from Epicor gives shops a…

Services Employees International Union 775, a driving force for policy change throughout Washington state, has a new leader. Sterling Harders takes over as

Jurgen Klopp's side welcome PSG to Anfield as their Champions League group campaign gets underway on Tuesday