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Fiction readers who overlook short stories are missing out. Not only do some of our best writers get started in the form before moving on to novels (think George Saunders and Jhumpa Lahiri), but some writers are such masters of the short story that they write them exclusively (including Alice Munro

The Very Best Work I Do Is Here What would it be like to sit down and talk over coffee with a trusted ally, who knew enough to help you make the next move, and who could help you see a better path to your own success? It would be a LOT like my newsletter. …

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The following statement can be attributed to Héctor Figueroa, President of 32BJ SEIU
“As the nation’s largest property service union and one of the largest representing immigrants, we are doubly appalled at the Republican-controlled Congress and the Trump administration’s reckless decision to shut down portions of the federal government in pursuit of a malicious and malignant border wall. The wall itself would be…

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency issued a stage two burn ban due to stagnant weather and rising air pollution. The ban is in effect as of 2 p.m. Tuesday for greater Pierce County.

Epicor Financial Management gives you access to real time fiscal information and provides the modern platform you need to support your local or global business.

You probably know a few state demonyms—the words you call people or things from a specific state—like “Pennsylvanian” or “Texan” or the entertaining “Michigander.” You might even know that Wikipedia keeps a list of semi-official state demonyms, plus alternate options. But did you know that state demonyms follow a regional pattern?

Edge of Play is an online resource providing hundreds of FREE soccer coaching videos, downloadable session plans and other complimentary resources to use in your training sessions.

Multi-location brands face unique challenges in local SEO, particularly global enterprises operating in many smaller pockets of large, diverse markets. Today, over 52% of worldwide online traffic is mobile and according to Google, a third of mobile searches have local context.

There’s not much about running a software company keeping me up at night, but if there’s one thing that does keep me up at night, it’s that my daughter just got her Texas driver’s license! Having said that, corporate culture is always fragile, and I want to ensure Epicor is a great place to work and a great place to build a career. I spend as much time as possible supporting that goal. Employee engagement is the reason I moved from California to…

SEATTLE – A National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights will be introduced in Congress next year. Among its sponsors is Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the Washington state Democrat. ...

The former president — known as "Timberwolf" to the Secret Service — once shaved his head to show support for an agent's child, who was battling cancer.

Vintage 1982 Ceramic ET the Alien Coin Bank Description Vintage 1982 Ceramic ET the Alien Coin Bank Unless otherwise indicated above or in images, no markings were found. Measurements 7" x 10" tall Condition Bank is Crazing and needs...

5 Pc Holiday Budweiser Mug Description 5 Pc Holiday Budweiser Mug Unless otherwise indicated above or in images, no markings were found. Measurements L:6” W:4” H:6.5” Condition one has a hairline crack in...

Get ready for the festivities by following our 6 Halloween pet safety tips. You'll learn what to do if your dog eats candy, which decorations are most hazardous, and more!

Epicor offers business technology report from enterprise solutions researcher exploring the use and value of analytics in manufacturing operations.