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Even we like to have a little more fun in the summer, but there are definitely some cool ways for your family to incorporate a little education into your summertime experiences. Of course you want your children to play and enjoy themselves in the summer. But

Since 1983, Lakeside-Milam has provided treatment to over 100,000 people and counting.

Reboots are en vogue these days, with no TV show or movie from more than a few years back safe from a refresh at the hands of today's filmmakers. Increasingly, it isn’t enough to just remake the same story for modern-day audiences, it’s also necessary to reinvent it—and one the most powerful ways to

As a school counselor, I was very much looking forward to Melissa Sarno’s debut middle grade novel, Just Under the Clouds, which tackles the topic of homelessness and its effects on a struggling family. Soon after I began reading it, I realized that this book isn’t just important to me as a counselo

Because where else would you find monstrous home runs, mascots racing and just some old-fashioned bloopers in one place?

Experience the power of coming together as women as we spend time in praise and worship, prayer, laughter, and healing.

Go where the customer is: Nordstrom brings its revolutionary Local service emporiums to more Los Angeles neighborhoods and soon, New York City.

Most know Goodwill for its signature thrift stores, but the retailer also is its own intricate ecosystem that exists almost solely to fuel its $9 million national training programs.

"I am most thankful to the Club for allowing me to be a kid when I needed it the most!"

Final Heat at the 2018 Midwest Tube Mills Madison Regatta in Madison, IN.

Ever catch an accidental taste of your own ear wax? That awful, sour flavor may exist because ear wax is acidic, just like many sour foods. And that acidity is a good thing: A doctor told INSIDER that it's part of ear wax's natural ability to fight off bacterial and fungal infections.

Buy D.C. United v Vancouver Whitecaps tickets at the Audi Field in Washington, DC for Jul 14, 2018 08:00 PM at Ticketmaster.

Two major industrial fires darkened the skies over Seattle’s Duwamish Valley in recent weeks and added soot and other pollutants to the area with the city

Summer is here! Time to unplug and camp out. Camping has provided many memorable experiences for our family, as well as a chance to disconnect…

If you're like me and countless others who have discovered the delight that is The Great British Baking Show* on Netflix or PBS, you…

Consumer search is evolving. We’ve already seen the change from desktop/laptop search to mobile search, and now we’re seeing the change from mobile search to voice search. Alpine.AI has estimated that about 1 billion voice searches are already being made on a monthly basis by users, and ComScore is

DIY sprinklers, ice excavation, fresh ideas for water guns, super sponge balls and more

WHAT IS GK ICON? GK Icon is the leading provider of professional goalkeeper training. GK Icon prides itself on maximising the potential of all young goalkeepers with many reaching a professional standard when using our goalkeeping principles. The belief of GK Icon is that there are certain advantages that the top goalkeepers are born with, … Continue reading Home

Hospitals are learning patient safety improvement from two unlikely models —manufacturing and behavioral science, The Economist reports.

California’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of Yelp in the defamation case Hassell v. Bird, declaring that the platform couldn’t be forced to take down falsely negative reviews.

Het B2B platform voor professionals om 24/7 actuele en achtergrond informatie te leveren over de ontwikkelingen en stand van zaken in de tech industrie.

The Trump Administration is refusing to defend in court a provision of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) that tells health insurers they cannot deny coverage, or charge more for coverage, based on a person's pre-existing conditions. The public is worried, Democrats are protesting, and the medical profession is up in arms.

It is a plan as crazy as the situation is desperate -- towing an iceberg from Antarctica to Cape Town to supply fresh water to a city in the grip of drought. Earlier this year, Cape Town came within weeks of shutting off all its taps and forcing residents to queue for water rations at public standpipes

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Rebecca Martin will serve a three-year term on the Certified Chamber Executive Commission.

Shah Deniz Stage 2, Azerbaijan
110 mboed peak annual average production, net to BP
Completed: 30 June 2018
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"Shah Deniz 2 is one of the biggest and most complex new energy projects anywhere in the world, comprising major offshore, onshore and pipeline developments. BP and our partners have safely and successfully delivered this multi-dimensional project as designed, on time and on budget."…