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Presidents of War, by Michael Beschloss
From the War of 1812—the first conflict conducted by an American president—to the Vietnam War, renowned historian Beschloss analyzes wartime presidents and offers insights on their performance, the results of the conflict, and their subsequent records on civi

Calling all scholars! FWPS is beginning its third year of Chess Nights with the Superintendent! Enter to win a chance to meet Superintendent Dr. Tammy Campbell, learn to play chess and receive a chess board
This opportunity is in support of the district Strategic Plan Goal 3, “Active Learners: Engaged, Empowered, Critical Thinkers.” Research shows chess can enhance one’s ability to think critically and solve problems…

When you think about October you think about Autumn, Halloween, and political surprises—when you should be thinking about all the awesome new music that’s coming out. For vinylphiles, we have an awesome selection of new discs to check out, from classic artists like Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler to

Trick-or-treat your way through all 15 questions. The person with the highest score and fastest time is the winner! Have fun and booooo-d luck!

Taco Time is a Northwest company celebrating over 45 years of doing business and over 70 locations across Western Washington.

The Reckoning, by John Grisham
Grisham's latest is a compelling mystery set in the wake of World War II. Veteran Pete Banning, now enjoying civilian life as a farmer, gets up one day, has breakfast with his sister, and then drives into town and shoots the Reverend Dexter Bell three times, killing h

Getting the flu is no fun. But as summer winds down, it's more and more likely. If you end up stuck with this bug, it's important to watch out for things that make the flu worse, so you can be back to your best self as soon as possible. Some of…

Tis the season for caroling and these emoji sure love to sing. How quickly can you can decode them?

It's natural to be nervous when the markets head toward volatile territory. Keep a positive perspective with these resources.

John Cena shares a look at what happened when he met some very happy kids at the New York City book signing for his new children’s book, “Elbow Grease.”

Today the five finalists for the National Book Awards for Young People's Literature were announced, including a book in verse about a teen finding her voice, a wrenchingly honest graphic novel memoir, and the tale of a sharecropper's son turned hero. Here's the full list.
The Poet X, by Elizabeth

Glass has been a key component of home design for style and function for thousands of years. The versatility of glass is such that nearly every single modern home constructed utilizes glass in some way, shape, or form. But there’s no need to settle for simply including glass window panes and calling it good. Whether it’s in the interior or exterior, accentuating your home with glass is a great...

20 hours 30 min ago
Terri Hiskey
The “Amazon Effect.” It’s a term many have heard, but what does it mean? While it can mean different things to different people, in general, it refers to the phenomenon of how consumers’ interactions with Amazon are driving new expectations for how buyers and suppliers interact with businesses, including manufacturers
With Amazon, we search for what we need, and…

Elements to consider when selecting an ERP Partner. Who and what type of ERP partner is right for your business to help you achieve your long-term objectives and business outcomes.

Key enhancements include launch of the Epicor Dealer Network Portal and the availability of the Epicor Kinetic Design Framework. Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, has introduced Epicor Dealer Network Portal as part of its upcoming release of Epicor ERP 10.2.300. In an increasingly digital world, dealers […]

The OEE KPIs Dashboard for EDA Mattec Content shows how the combination of ERP and MES content in the same EDA solution from Epicor gives shops a complete, affordable, and easy-to-use system
September 25, 2018
Booth A-2942: This OEE KPIs Dashboard for EDA Mattec Content shows how the combination of Epicor ERP and Mattec MES content in the same EDA solution from Epicor gives shops a…

Womens Brown Botkier Ankle Boots Details Womens Brown Botkier Ankle Boots Marked Size: NA - not provided Overall height: 6Overall length (exterior): 10.5 Width (exterior sole): 4Heel height: 1.5 Condition Has some light...

Lives are being rebuilt all over the country. See first hand how our Community Development Lending & Investment teams are making a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.