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Health experts have been pushing almost-daily activity for decades. But a new study suggests you may not need to exercise four to five days each week to reap the rewards. While it’s true that more exercise is better for your body (without getting into extremes), not everyone can squeeze in ...

From nutrition data to health claims and certifications it can be tough to differentiate fact from hype when it comes to food labels. Certain terms, such as “organic” and “gluten-free,” are strictly regulated, while others are little more than marketing gimmicks. Learn what 7 labels actually mean.

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Although it can be a terrifying thing to think about, it is important to know how to recognize and respond to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Timing is everything, and acting quickly truly could be the difference between life and death. Here's what you need to know.

Gourds have many health benefits which aid in boosting immunity, bone strength and enhancing eyesight. Gourds also fight against inflammation and diabetes.

Learn how to maximize your child’s back-to-school wellness visit or annual check-up with your pediatrician and which questions you should ask the doctor. A little planning ahead can make sure you stay on top of your child's health needs.

You may think you know what foods contain gluten but it's not always easy to tell what foods or products contain this form of protein. Dietitian Bethany Thayer answers questions about gluten — what it is, where it's found, and how to avoid it if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

September 9, 2018 - Tutor- Oakland County - div h2 class= jobSectionHeader b Responsibilities /b /h2 div div div div The Tutor is responsible for tutoring clients in all grade levels,

The cook is responsible for the preparation, cooking and serving of food to clients, visitors and staff. Prepares menu items using a variety of specific production techniques and standardized recipes. Assists in cleanup as required. This is a part time position working days, evenings, fair share of weekends and holidays
Core Requirements
Previous cooking experience
Willingness to be a team player
Ability to set priorities

A few years ago, the medical community thought childhood obesity had peaked. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Today, one out of five children is obese, and the latest numbers indicate that rates of childhood obesity show no signs of waning. The stakes for obese kids are high. Beyond vanity and social ...

The Medical Billing/Accounts Receivable Specialist is responsible for accurate claims submission, accounts receivable follow-up, payment posting, EOB and COB processing, credit balance refunds, bad debt and collections. Using initiative to research problems and determine correct action steps to resolve eligibility, billing and account problems, and working in collaboration with an outside billing company. This may involve accessing the clinical computer system where source information resides…

No one likes not feeling well. If you’re living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), then you probably are no stranger to feeling off your game because of stomach pains. IBS can cause painful bloating, gas, and changes in your bowel movements – most often caused by the things you eat. ...

If anyone knows that impact distracted driving can have, it's an orthopedic trauma surgeon. Get road safety tips from an expert who has seen it all during his time caring for patients at a Level 1 Trauma Center at Henry Ford Hospital.

These are the top 10 left handed products based on orders on the Anything Left-Handed website over the past year. General purpose scissors 216mm / 8.5 in. (code 259) Fully left-handed scissors with moulded black plastic grip and reversed blades. They are 8.5 inch (215mm) overall length with sharp stainless steel blades. Stabilo 's Move Easy rollerball pen, left-handed (code 531) The funky pen that looks the part, writes like a dream and is great fun to use. Unusually, the pen has been…

Want to amp up your workout or torch more calories without increasing your gym time? Interval training could be your best ally. This style of workout involves interspersing short bursts of activity with periods of rest – and it comes with numerous benefits. An athletic trainer explains.

Drinking water and staying hydrated is key to maintaining health. A new product dubbed alkaline water claims to do more than just that, with proponents saying it can balance your body’s pH, boost energy and stave off disease. Do these claims hold water? A registered dietitian offers the known facts versus the hype.

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