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Professor Yoel Fink is helping MIT lead the way in transforming the fabric materials in our lives.

This is the third year that the young local real estate exec has participated in the bike ride, and he looks forward to many more years of fundraising in the future. Photos courtesy of Nick Compagnone Rockaway resident Nick Compagnone isn't exactly a dedicated career bicyclist, but for the third time in as many years the young real estate executive is gearing up for a 100-mile bike ride that will take him down much of the length of New Jersey---and it's all for…

"Monarchs and goldenrod soaking up the warm rays of October sun."The reality of the seasons finally changing again hit me this afternoon, as I dug out a plastic bin of sweaters that I'd packed away sometime in May. I was gearing up for a beach run, and rightly predicted the east wind would bring a chill with it. This ritual repeats itself every year, and every year I'm still shocked, as if it was the first time I'd felt cold air. This past…

It takes about seven weeks from harvest to the final product. A few weeks ago, I participated in a small market in Brooklyn. What I love most about doing markets is meeting artisans. As I looked around, I was immediately taken by a table full of the most interesting and beautiful textiles. A man named Dan told me that I was looking at raw wild silks from Madagascar. I lit up, not only because they were incredibly beautiful and unique, but because they…

This list was created by a librarian with the Brooklyn Public Library for a reader. Would you like your own personalized list of reading suggestions? Visit Bklyn BookMatch, here: www.bklynlibrary.org/bookmatch

Researchers have now developed the first approach for altering the mechanical motion of nanomotors by using visible light as the stimulus. The implications of this discovery are far reaching and may lead to a new class of nanorobotic and nanoelectromechanical devices for drug delivery.

Rabbi Moshe Greebel Z"L
A rainbow is an optical and meteorological occurrence that is caused by reflection and refraction of light in water droplets in the atmosphere, giving the appearance of a multicolored arc. Historically speaking, mankind has always based meteorological advice on the appearance of rainbows
“If there be a rainbow in the eve, it will rain and leave. But if there be a rainbow in the morrow, it will neither lend nor borrow.”
So much for such folksy, cracker barrel, Poor…

The Institute for Supply Management said Monday that its manufacturing index fell to a reading of 59.8% in September from 61.3%.

To: Young Israel Branch Leadership
I trust that you and your family are well. I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to you and yours
I am reaching out to you in regard to our forthcoming New Jersey Region Conference. The conference will be held in the Young Israel of Teaneck on Sunday morning October 14,2018. We are privileged to have Rabbi Eli Slomnicki, who will be discussing the ideal youth program for each synagogue. In addition, Dennis Eisenberg will be…

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Dear Friends
We are inviting you to shop for the families adopted
Episcopal Health Services is the only hospital providing emergency and ambulatory care to the densely populated, diverse, and medically underserved populations of the Rockaways and Five Towns in southern Queens County and southwestern Nassau County of New York. The patient families referred for adoption
are identified by the Health & Wellness Center, Community Mental…

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איתא בגמרא (סנהדרין לח:): אמר ריש לקיש, מאי דכתיב זה "ספר תולדת אדם" (בראשית ה, א), מלמד שהראהו הקב"ה לאדם הראשון דור דור ודורשיו, דור דור וחכמיו. כיון שהגיע לדורו של רבי עקיבא שמח בתורתו ונתעצב במיתתו, ע"כ. הקשה ה"צמח דוד" (להרב יוסף דוד), מדוע אדם הראשון נתעצב דווקא במיתתו של רבי עקיבא, ולא במיתת צדיק אחר
אדם הראשון חטא באכילת עץ הדעת, ולמעשה עשה תשובה על חטאו. וכדברי הגמרא (עירובין יח:): היה רבי מאיר אומר, אדם הראשון חסיד גדול היה, כיון שראה…

Come celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a Bilingual Birdies performance. They are New York's first and most outstanding foreign language and live music program for kids is coming to your library. Explore themes like transportation and nature through singing, and dancing.

This is a selection of my picture books along with a behind the scenes look at my art-making process. I make handmade separations with pencil, acrylic and gouache. These are scanned, assembled, and colored in Photoshop. It all starts from the movies, books and music I absorbed as a kid. I grew up in the 80’s and George Lucas / Spielberg continues to be a huge influence. My art is often seen as quiet which is probably a testament to one of my…

Banned Books Week (Sept 23-29th) celebrates books that are often challenged or banned from public and school libraries. In case you missed out, here are some great displays made in honor of Banned Books Week 2018 by your local Brooklyn Public Library staff!

On Saturday, September 29, Brooklynites of all ages are invited to visit their local library for Brooklyn Public Library’s Open House Day 2018! Meet your branch staff, sign up for your library card and explore all the FREE activities and services that BPL has to offer, including:

If you have never tasted Jamaican food, I hate to say that you are missing the essence of Jamaica’s love. Jamaican food is an exotic blend of flavor, culture, people, music, and family showcasing their delicacies in large family gatherings or with friends. The main difference between Jamaican food and other foods of the Caribbean is the use of the spicy red small bell pepper called the scotch bonnet that adds a kicker to all their meals. Recently, Golden Krust, a Jamaican-owned fast…