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As a founder who helps business owners launch the website of their dreams with agency Go Live HQ, Promise Tangeman's biggest tip for success is narrowing in on a niche, rather than be all things to all people. Learn why less can bring you more.

Stop on down y'all November 15th, 2018Cincy Vapors Related

Purpose does more than make a brand more unique. It can be a conscious expression of how an organization intends to evolve and transform itself.

Nature wins when it comes to fall decorating, with blazing trees outdoing interior design schemes every autumn. But second place can still be delightful if …

True contentment; true satisfaction; true worth; true joy; true fulfillment—these are only to be found in Christ.

Avoiding germs in public places is a great way to stay healthy. But there are plenty of things hiding in your own home that may cause you to fall ill.

While you’re busy in the kitchen preparing your family’s holiday feast, Safe Electricity wants to help keep your family safe and your energy bills low. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, cooking equipment is the cause of approximately 40 percent of home structure fires. As you prepare to show off your cooking and baking …

Every time we fail as parents it’s an opportunity to remember that our true Father never will. We would do well to gaze more often into heaven with an even greater sort of confidence than our kids once had in us because God has sealed His commitment to us at the cross.

Goodwill Auto Auction of Cincinnati! Donate your car today, or visit our Goodwill auto auction to view our donated vehicles.

We get it. Being sick is never fun, and sometimes it seems like the difficulty doesn’t stop with not feeling well. That's why we are taking every step we can to make health care easier. The next time you’re under the weather, keep these things in mind, so you can feel well as soon as possible.

Donkey punch uhhhh yum!! November 12th, 2018Cincy Vapors Related

Technology and electronic devices are a major component in our lives, and even more so for our children. From birth to the time they move out of our homes and beyond, our kids will be in nearly constant contact with electricity and electrical sources. It is important that we keep them safe while they areRead more

Beat the winter blues with these hot events in the Cincinnati region.

This ground turkey chili recipe is a hearty and healthy dish packed with lean protein, takes only 1 hour from start to finish, and even better, it’s certified kid- and Dr. Todd-approved!

Yvonne Joe, a volunteer at Serve City Pantry, explains why kindness is what we need in the world. Help us #fighthunger #fightpoverty Donate: www.tinyurl.com/...

Come on down and get some Lemon Twist from Chris!! November 11th, 2018Cincy Vapors Related

Done responsibly, done economically. Planned maintenance is the way towards the lowest overall costs per operating hour.

Looking to remediate your home, office, or apartment? We suggest 8 questions to ask before hiring a mold remediation company.

Commonly known as AFib or arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation is a quivery, fluttering heartbeat. Doctors diagnose it by monitoring the electric activity in your heart. It's important to know if you're living with atrial fibrillation. It can lead to other problems, such as stroke, heart failure or chronic fatigue.

Gunnebo TCR7 Certified by Add-On Technologies. Teller System Connections via DynaCash Help Financial Institutions Power Growth with Cash Automation.

100% of precincts are reporting their unofficial results within the State of Ohio as the 2018 midterm election slowly comes to an end.

The 2019 Santa Fe is Hyundai’s most tech-advanced SUV ever. The 5 passenger Santa Fe has been re-imagined to make this the ultimate family-adventure vehicle.