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VITAS Healthcare has immediate openings in Fort Worth, Texas, for RNs, LVNs and CHHAs.

Lamb stew is Irish penicillin: a rich stew full of potatoes, leeks and carrots that'll cure whatever ails you. In traditional fashion, nothing here is browned first, just all stewed together. To keep it healthy make sure to trim the lamb of any visible fat before you cook it.
2 pounds boneless leg of lamb, trimmed and cut into 1-inch pieces

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Are you looking for a career in hospice care? VITAS is hiring for Overnight Triage Rn in Lombard, Illinois. Learn more about the position and apply today.

Are you looking for a career in hospice care? VITAS is hiring for Registered Nurse Triage in Fort Worth, Texas. Learn more about the position and apply today.

As a hospice leader and innovator, VITAS brings our services to your patients when they need us most—near the end of life.

The player roster for the $100,000 NorthBay Healthcare Men’s Pro Championship tennis tournament promises to be tall and strong with two competitors lacing up sneakers at 6-foot-11, along with a pla…

When faced with a natural disaster, VITAS is prepared, armed with a vast array of resources and diligent professionals who deal with life and death on a daily basis.

A palliative care nurse provides compassionate care, creating an environment of pain relief & comfort typically for terminally ill patients. Learn more about palliative care nursing from

Escaping a violent or abusive partner is a monumental step toward a better, healthier life, but it’s hardly the last step a survivor will take. Violence can have long-lasting effects on a survivor and ...

When is the right time to start hospice? Don’t wait until it’s too late for your loved one to get the most out of hospice care. Learn more about when the time is right to start hospice, or call VITAS at 866-622-3415 for more information.

Care coordination has been at the foundation of hospice care since it was signed into law in 1982. Learn more about care coordination with VITAS.

The proposal takes aim at city rules that can result in a tenant being evicted because they called for help.

A $2.8 million renovation is underway at Methodist Dallas Medical Center to give the hospital a new inpatient hospice unit. VITAS Healthcare will take up operations of the facility, which will go on the fifth floor of Methodist Dallas’ Schenkel Tower and is expected to serve 800 patients a year. It’ll have 16 private patient rooms. Miami-based VITAS operates 44 hospice locations in 14 states and…

Goals of care are patients' and families' expectations & priorities about how they wish to live out the last months or days of life. Learn more at

VITAS Healthcare has immediate openings in Torrance, CA, for RNs.

Home Care in Sacramento CA: ApexCare is proud to be a sponsor for the upcoming Fab 40's 5k Run/Walk in Sacramento, California. The event is an opportunity to support the Alzheimer's Association of Northern California, which is working hard to increase the understanding of Alzheimer's disease and its devastating impact on families.

Home Care in Stockton CA: We are proud to announce our outstanding Stockton and Modesto Caregivers of the Month for April 2018. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!!!

Home Care Services in Stockton CA: The Alzherimer's Association is offering its Care Partner Education Forum in Stockton on Saturday, May 18th, 2018 from 9AM - 2PM. The forum will be held at the Stribley Community Center located at 1760 E. Sonora Street in Stockton.

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Home Care in Stockton CA: ApexCare was delighted to host a ribbon cutting to celebrate their new bigger office space in Sacramento, Ca on Friday 4/13/18. ApexCare is a full-service and independent in-home care agency that has served the senior community of Northern California since 1992.

Elvis Francois and William Robinson are resident doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and they recently gained attention after a video of them singing in the hospital lobby went viral. Ellen chatted with them about their kind gesture, and the duo performed a cover of Mike Yung's "Alright."

Treating people through nutrition is not a new idea, but it's making inroads as more medical professionals make meals a formal part of care, rather than relying solely on medications.

Find out what it's like to be a hospice nurse with VITAS and search our open nursing positions.

Marie Edler tells us how at SCA, every day is different and working here means being part of a true collaborative process. About SCA The SCA family works tog...

After the implementation of our new federal health care plan I had three doctors leave practice and was frustrated that I might not find another new doctor that would stay in practice long enough that we could build a relationship that was comfortable. And I hated the idea that I was becoming part of the mass of people becoming a number in our new efficient system. In my area the big one was Summa. Seemed I couldn't get away from it and felt…