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Explore the local weather and history, a calendar of events, lodging and shopping information, and a recreation guide. FSA Signature 5-Star high performance frying oils help set you apart from your competition by: p...

"I'm laughing while she's caught in some sort of giggle-queef feedback loop."

Seattle-based Vigor recently delivered the Argo, the third of four all aluminum, 400-passenger ferries to the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) in San Francisco. The hull was constructed at Vigor Ballard and the superstructure at the company’s new aluminum fabrication bay at its 27-acre Harbor Island facility in Seattle. “The new fabrication bay significantly expandsRead More

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A college student shares her experience with homelessness and highlights the challenges she and many others face while homeless.

Up a cool 25,000 jobs from the same month last year, employment in the for-hire trucking industry totaled 1.4774 million in June, according to the DOL's report.

Out of office replies are considered a modern business must, but there are right and wrong ways to let everyone know you’re on vacation and unavailable

The Secretary of State is the state's chief elections officer, chief corporations officer, and supervisor of the State Archives and State Library.

Detailed planning is critical for a smooth, compliant remediation phase of a demolition project.

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NJDC collaborates with nine Regional Juvenile Defender Centers. Each Center coordinates activities in the states within its region and keeps NJDC connected to the front lines of juvenile defense, whether they are in an urban, suburban, rural, or tribal setting. The activities each Center undertakes include helping to compile and analyze juvenile indigent defense data,... Read more »

Productivity improvement requires serious strategic dedication, but it’s worth the investment
During times of economic prosperity, two interesting phenomena occur. First, a rising tide raises all ships, and this leads some business owners to believe their business strategies are more effective than they are. Second, businesses can see significant top line gains while also seeing dramatic bottom erosion. Doing more work for less reward is not…

The question posed in the title of this blog is a trick. You should never have to top off the refrigerant in your home cooling system.

ARE you more of a cowgirl or a missionary lover? Your favourite sex position can say a lot about your personality, so what does yours reveal? Here, sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight expl…

Must watch Video: Volunteers of America CEO, Mike King's, President's Address from this year's 2018 National Conference. Mike King discusses the Transformati...

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Volunteers of America is the charity that always steps forward to help the most vulnerable. Founded in 1896, we're a national, nonprofit, faith-based organiz...

In ancient Greece, fellatio was known as playing the flute.
Foods such as kiwi, celery, and pineapple can make genital secretion sweet.
Over 80% of sexually active people say that’ve had oral sex at least once with a partner of the opposite sex. And the other 20% don’t know what they’re missing.

Congratulations are in order to all of 2018's Silicon Valley Business Journal 's 40 Under 40 honorees!

Is your kid singing Veruca Salt's tune? We've got 10 secrets to help turn materialistic "I want it now" tendencies into reflective mindfulness—(really!).

Since the heat of the summer season is fast approaching, chances are that you have already scheduled your air conditioning maintenance for the year. While an AC tune-up is certainly a very important service to get out of the way, it is not the only step one must take in order to ensure that he…

Though inspectors will perform full Level I inspections on most rigs checked during the 72-hour inspection blitz, the year's focus will be on hours-of-service compliance, says CVSA, due in part to the enactment of the ELD mandate.

Whether your goal is getting to Inbox Zero, implementing an organized folder structure, or only responding to the emails that require immediate attention, creating a plan of action is the best way to fight the post-holiday weekend blues.

Sure, window units may be cheaper than whole-house cooling systems, but they simply cannot compete with the many different benefits that central air conditioning systems have to offer.

Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction sent this bulletin at 05/24/2018 02:19 PM PDT
Reykdal: Washington Schools Safe for Students who are Undocumented
Below is a statement from Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal in response to comments by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos
OLYMPIA—May 24, 2018—Following yesterday’s comments to a congressional committee by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, it is important to…

Another private organization has donated funds to the city of Vancouver for its new homeless day center.