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Everyone can be hypnotized. It’s the same brain wave state you go to just before falling asleep
The primary problem most people have with hypnosis is that they think it is much more than it really is—to begin with. All it feels like is relaxation and most people who don’t understand that and they want to go unconscious and wake up 10 pounds skinnier (for example)!
As with anything, the more…

Dr. George and the family enjoy their farm! We think you might enjoy this. It's okay if you would like to sing along. Betcha can't help but sing. 🐓#GeorgeFar...

The Everett Clinic Urgent Care Walk In provides convenient and cost-effective medical care for non-life-threatening health conditions.

Living Lite Mini-Weight Loss Class with Hypnosis, Kent Commons Community Center, 525 4th Avenue North, Kent, United States. Sat Nov 10 2018 at 12:30 pm, Why not lose weight now and avoid the January rush??I know, youre busy now--we all are. But just imagine how energizing just taking a few hours

The process of admission to treatment doesn't have to be difficult. Our goal is to provide you with quick and affordable access to treatment.

If you're looking for a simple holiday treat that anyone can make, you'll love this EASY Halloween popcorn balls recipe! Great for parties.

It was great fun celebrating Boss's Day especially because we have the most awesome boss! Thank you for all you do Dr. George for your team and for others! 4...

I'm so excited for you to see my How to Do Green Screen Special Effects with iMovie + Keynote video so that I can share a behind-the-scenes "How to" tutorial...

Some research shows that eating during a short period of time during the day (the 8 hours of non-fasting), may result in weight loss and better health and longevity. The challenge is NOT eating during the other 16 hours. There are several websites to explain the details
Eating small meals all day was never a recommended way to lose weight—as we now know! Eating too frequently during the day puts undue stress on your pancreas, which releases insulin whenever you eat. This contributes…

Hundreds of Zombies of all ages will gather for the seventh annual Zombie Fest Northwest to celebrate the beginning of the haunting and holiday season on Saturday, September 15.

One thousand human teeth are among the many discoveries unearthed by archaeologists working at a dig site in Melbourne's CBD.

I've stayed in a lot of bucket list hotels, but some are in a category all their own: destinations. Here are my eight favorite hotels that are worth the journey.

Get a glowing, bright smile with professional teeth whitening at R.R. Williams DDS in North Richland Hills, TX. Call us today at 817-435-1337 for an appointment.

Officials warn that dangerous smoke from hundreds of Northwest wildfires could return next week.

These are the top 10 left handed products based on orders on the Anything Left-Handed website over the past year. General purpose scissors 216mm / 8.5 in. (code 259) Fully left-handed scissors with moulded black plastic grip and reversed blades. They are 8.5 inch (215mm) overall length with sharp stainless steel blades. Stabilo 's Move Easy rollerball pen, left-handed (code 531) The funky pen that looks the part, writes like a dream and is great fun to use. Unusually, the pen has been…

YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. - Mothers in the Yakima Valley are coming together in support of breastfeeding awareness during World Breastfeeding Week.America Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you breastfeed you baby for six months. Registered Dietitian at YVFW