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While waiting for my cup of dark roast at my local coffee spot pondering why there isn’t more grass-fed creamer on the market when I hear two folks behind me talking…one is talking about how many calories she is now eating a day while the other searcher comments on their new nutrition program that “

April 23, 2019 11:15 am
On Saturday, April 27th, from 10 am to 2 pm, the Seattle Police Department and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration will give the public its 17th opportunity in nine years to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs. Bring your pills for disposal to any one of the five Seattle…

Oreo released limited-edition "Game of Thrones" themed cookies Monday to celebrate the eighth and final season of the hit show, which starts Sunday. The popular cookie brand and HBO also partnered together for a cookie-filled version of the the "Game of Thrones" title sequence, using nearly 3,000 Oreos to make it happen. The Oreos include designs for the Night King, House Lannister, House Targaryen and House Stark, according to Oreo'swebsite.

If the start of the workweek triggers overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness, or stress--you might have a case of the Monday Blues. Here are 11 ways to overcome them.

Jordan Frager had a side gig that turned into a full-time job -- Stone N’ Seed wearable art. He forages the beautiful Puget Sound region for rocks, stones, and minerals and turns them into jewelry.

In early recovery, you may feel unsure in situations that could cause a relapse, so it’s important to have a toolbox of strategies to draw upon.

You know you must stop smoking—and you will. One way or the other
Why not let the power of your subconscious help you make it easier?
At the end of this 2-hour class, you will have no desire to smoke—and it’s only $59--which is what the average spends on cigarettes in one week.
Most smokers have tried to quit many times. All of those attempts moved you closer to actually quitting for good. This class will show you how to be a successful…

It’s hard to write about New Year’s—so much has been written about this holiday. Some years, pundits suggest that making resolutions is a good thing. But then the next year, we’re told that no, it’s a bad idea. Of course, like most adults, I’ve made scores of New Year’s resolutions. Some lasted one week, some persisted for several months, and a scant few have been helpful, launching me forward on a chosen path.

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Everyone can be hypnotized. It’s the same brain wave state you go to just before falling asleep
The primary problem most people have with hypnosis is that they think it is much more than it really is—to begin with. All it feels like is relaxation and most people who don’t understand that and they want to go unconscious and wake up 10 pounds skinnier (for example)!
As with anything, the more…

Dr. George and the family enjoy their farm! We think you might enjoy this. It's okay if you would like to sing along. Betcha can't help but sing. 🐓#GeorgeFar...

The Everett Clinic Urgent Care Walk In provides convenient and cost-effective medical care for non-life-threatening health conditions.

Living Lite Mini-Weight Loss Class with Hypnosis, Kent Commons Community Center, 525 4th Avenue North, Kent, United States. Sat Nov 10 2018 at 12:30 pm, Why not lose weight now and avoid the January rush??I know, youre busy now--we all are. But just imagine how energizing just taking a few hours

The process of admission to treatment doesn't have to be difficult. Our goal is to provide you with quick and affordable access to treatment.

It was great fun celebrating Boss's Day especially because we have the most awesome boss! Thank you for all you do Dr. George for your team and for others! 4...

I'm so excited for you to see my How to Do Green Screen Special Effects with iMovie + Keynote video so that I can share a behind-the-scenes "How to" tutorial...

Hundreds of Zombies of all ages will gather for the seventh annual Zombie Fest Northwest to celebrate the beginning of the haunting and holiday season on Saturday, September 15.