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Democrats are saying Hillary Clinton is viewed as "the kiss of death" among Democratic candidates running in the 2018 midterm elections.

Daily Kos 2012: "Sinema lied to the National Association of Latino Elected Officials and said that she was Latina. In 2010 and 2011, Sinema went to NALEO conferences on scholarships that only Latinos received."

Some research shows that eating during a short period of time during the day (the 8 hours of non-fasting), may result in weight loss and better health and longevity. The challenge is NOT eating during the other 16 hours. There are several websites to explain the details
Eating small meals all day was never a recommended way to lose weight—as we now know! Eating too frequently during the day puts undue stress on your pancreas, which releases insulin whenever you eat. This contributes…

Global technology provider Arrow Electronics today announced that it has entered into a strategic distribution agreement with NVIDIA. Under the terms of the agreement, Arrow will distribute data centre platforms such as NVIDIA® DGX™, NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU), and NVIDIA® Tesla® in the EMEA region
Cloud, IoT and virtualisation solutions are key elements of Arrow’s overall solutions and service portfolio. The agreement with NVIDIA opens up…

Dance Recital 2016 - Colors "All God's Promises" “Cheer Mix” Cheer - Wednesday 5:30 (c) Choreography by: Miss Amber Reflections School of Dance Directors: Le...

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Sprint Assisting Customers Impacted by Hurricane Michael
October 10, 2018 -- Sprint announced support today for customers impacted by Hurricane Michael and resulting flooding in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. Sprint customers impacted by Hurricane Michael with usage between Oct. 10, 2018 and Oct. 14, 2018 will have call, text and data overage fees waived for the full billing period. Customers on Unlimited plans will continue…

A Seattle woman captured video of a thief stealing a package from her porch, and is fighting back by spreading the word on social media and with flyers.

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This is week 1 of our NEW Message Series, "Born For This". We were born to connect with God. Listen today!

The popularity of gutter cleaning and repair services peaks in the fall months as homeowners turn to the pros for help keeping their home’s flood protection system running smoothly. With the flood of leaves and constant wash of rain, fall brings on a number of challenges for home maintenance, some of which require the help of professional gutter cleaning and repair services.

They say you are what you eat. Which pasta dish matches your personality?