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Free college tuition was one rally cry of the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. It drew accusations from the Vermont Senator’s critics that he’s a

Florida-based One Real Estate Investment has purchased Houston Southwest Two Pack, which comprises Airport Gardens and Airport Landing, totaling 412 units.

For everyone who has had to deal with a challenging employee, this one is for you. Here is a collection of client questions that BPHR’s Director Lisa Salcido has fielded recently in her bi-weekly “Ask the Advisor” Q&A.

Today’s average workforce is changing, with a wide variety of generations intermingling together. Twenty years ago, baby boomers were the... Read more »

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Enterprise solutions for budgeting, planning and forecasting provide chief financial officers with higher quality results and with much greater efficiency than traditional methods. The days of spreadsheet BPF solutions, shared via email, are in certain decline for very clear reasons.

New technology is re-shaping the approach to agriculture and it can potentially deliver many benefits, including improved production. These innovations are particularly of use to low income countries.

The lesson: Forget being the "best."Words of wisdom: "Do not make your goal to be the best. 'Best' is a label. It's something someone else decides for you. 'Better' is more personal. It's a process, and in my opinion, 'better' is something more interesting than 'best.' "

Hourly wage required to rent a two bedroom unit by state
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
West Virginia
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
South Dakota
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
South Carolina
(to afford…

The three properties sold for a total of $40.9 million, and comprise two hotels and a parcel of land for redevelopment.

Buligo Capital and Graycliff Capital acquired Ascent Four Thirty, a 319-unit community in Wexford. The property is currently 94 percent occupied.

Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared office space and where workers, who are typically not members of the same organization, gather to work. Read this article to learn more about the pros and cons of shared workspaces and if it's right for your business.

The TRIP Store will be open 8-12 at ECMS on Fridays during the summer EXCEPT Friday, August 17, the store will be closed.
Help keep the TRIP Store open - we need one more volunteer! Call TRIP # at 201-650-7056 or email: [email protected]
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Welcome to Winfield Baptist Church where it is our aim to… Accurately deliver TRUTH through culturally RELEVANT methods to promote radical life TRANSFORMATION. _____________________________________________ Sunday’s Message: “What Did You Expect? The Ultimate Authority” Mark 12:1-12. Sermon Archive Winfield Baptist on Facebook WBC Awana also has a Facebook Page! You can now give online! Click …

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“Is Junior Kindergarten right for my child?”
We frequently get asked this question.
A good place to start is to figure out exactly what Junior Kindergarten actually is! Eastern Christian’s Junior Kindergarten program is designed for older four-year-olds who missed the October 1 kindergarten cut-off date or for young five-year-olds with summer birthdays whose parents have chosen …Read more

Though many employers prefer to hire on a temporary or contract basis in order to stay flexible and more easily... Read more »

Check out the winners of the Challenge of Champions 44 event from June 3rd 2018, the largest event of it's kind in the country. Congratulations to everyone that competed.

There’s a common misconception that farms are simple places. While that’s never particularly been the case, modern agriculture is impressively complex and technologically sophisticated, and is becoming more so with the introduction of a wide array of sensors
The sensors we have today (whether video, hyperspectral or infrared) allow us to understand many of the conditions of plants in the field. The sensors can be based…

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Tecta America Commercial Roofing provides roofing solutions and expertise to help improve efficiency in these types of healthcare facilities.

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