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90 Likes, 1 Comments - Fuchs Audio Technology (@fuchsaudiotech) on Instagram: “5.00 hit at The Shrine in Harlem, bass gig with my buddy Dave Rudbarg.”

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Studio Roosegaarde created a dress that changes its transparency depending on the wearer’s mood.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders fired up a crowd of about 4,000 Friday with a speech calling on Kansans to support progressive ideals and Democrat James Thompson for Congress.

Retiring a Millionaire is really quite simple, but not easy. Otherwise we see every rolling in the money. What you need to do daily, monthly and yearly to retire a millionaire. Even if starting late in your 50s you still have time to grow your net worth and become a millionaire.

Find a great selection of Martha Stewart. Shop Online at for . Don’t Just Shop. Q.

High Mountain Graphics is a Northern New Jersey Firm specializing in quality, offset and digital printing with the environment in mind.

Poly mailers are the go-to for many e-commerce brands shipping soft goods — and for good reason.

Hourly wage required to rent a two bedroom unit by state
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
West Virginia
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
South Dakota
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
South Carolina
(to afford…

Luego de haber participado en el festival Felabration 2015, que se lleva a cabo en Lagos, Nigeria, y haber compartido con la familia Kuti, Newen Afrobeat se ...

Kyle Morningstar was fishing with his friends off Ponce Inlet on the east coast of Florida on a sunny Saturday afternoon when he spotted a dark shadow in the water slowly approaching his boat.

Considering start-up and ongoing costs associated with owning a franchise is it possible to save money with a franchise model? In the staffing industry it turns out that it can be, if you choose the right opportunity.

A U.S. Coast Guard crew had a close encounter with a massive shark this week as it was returning from a search-and-rescue mission off the coast of Boothbay Harbor in New Jersey.

Truss key to adjust string height for easier playability
Lifetime tuning and maintenance video support
Lifetime limited warranty

Unlock a world of relaxation with the Leonberg recliner. Plush profile flaunts the look of supple leather with two-tone color contrast. Capturing the essence of comfort, bustle back and overstuffed pillowtop arms support you effortlessly. With one easy pull of tab, you’ll be on your way to worry-free reclining.

Okay, I get it, we don’t really want to ‘trick’ candidates into responding, but it’s critical to our success in recruiting that we get candidates to respond to our messages. It doesn’t matter if it’s email, phone messages, or text messages, we need a response! Now, some will say that you really only care about positive response rates, but I ... Read More

New York officials say that sharks that bit two swimmers in the ocean off Long Island Wednesday were likely looking for food.

AZoSensors spoke to TDK at Sensors Expo & Conference 2018.

As a veterinary practice owner, do you owe fiduciary duties to the other co-owners of your practice? If so, do you understand the nature of these obligations?

I recently came back from HR Tech Summit in Toronto which was an amazing experience. It was my first time in Toronto and my first true HR tech conference. This year, the technology was focused on employee retention and engagement.

There are few questions that you are most interested in. That’s why we looked closer to Pre-Sale questions and we’re bringing you answers…

Parents want to help their kids pay for the rising costs of college, but should be wary of putting their own futures at risk.

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Sugar-sweetened beverages are a top source of added sugar and calories in children’s diet. According to CDC, almost two thirds of children in the nation consume at least one sugary drink on any given day. [1] Most of these sugary drinks are consumed at restaurants, cafeterias, entertainment venues, and vending machines
To protect children from the health risks of sugar-sweetened…

Think of a document retention policy simply as a document management policy. It is unwieldy and unrealistic, as well as unnecessary to think that a nonprofit will keep every document it generates. Normally it is fine to clean up your desk by tossing out papers here and there, but when one staff person presses delete on a key document, and that document is needed later -- or if the subject matter of the document is under legal investigation and it appears that the…

“Every candidate lies.” This is exactly what one recruiter told me when I was first getting into the talent industry. Naturally, this was an over-generalization and was meant to be funny. However, there is some truth to that statement (though it’s certainly not fair to say that every candidate lies). After gaining years of experience and racking up thousands of ... Read More

Don't buy the lies. Trump and his billionaires might be doing well. But the economy is not the best it's ever been, at least not for working families.

When an athlete is sprinting, their feet are either on the ground applying force or in the air recovering. To increase speed, we decrease ground contact time and leg recovery time. We apply fast force into the ground and cycle our leg through to apply another quick force.

Welcome to Winfield Baptist Church where it is our aim to… Accurately deliver TRUTH through culturally RELEVANT methods to promote radical life TRANSFORMATION. _____________________________________________ Sunday’s Message: “What Did You Expect? The Ultimate Authority” Mark 12:1-12. Sermon Archive Winfield Baptist on Facebook WBC Awana also has a Facebook Page! You can now give online! Click …