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While the level of support for membership of the European Union is currently high, so too is pessimism about the future of the European project.

The majority of factory workers in the world today are domestic or international migrants. Their time in the factory is characterized by suboptimal working conditions, long hours, limited space for working and living and, in some cases, harassment.

In the VoteSwiper app, users answer questions about current topics, and then the app matches them with the party that best fits their positions.

The eBay findings indicate that AI could be a driving factors for economic growth in many other areas, according to the authors of a recent paper.

Largely a developing world phenomenon, commodity dependence often correlates with vulnerability and poverty. How can we help countries escape from this trap?

Also in this week's read: how to hijack the state and 6 charts on motherhood today.

Many countries have multilingual education systems, and they're not as expensive to set up as people think.

It carried out the exercise to "help key decision makers practice for a real asteroid impact".

SIGNAL represents the latest iteration of 'war games', which have been used throughout history to inform military strategy and tactics.

Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics may lead the way to a better work-life balance, say experts.

We help people earn a living, improve their lives, and strengthen their families and their communities.

Air pollutions kills millions each year. The data from a new generation of sensors is helping tackle this - and it promises to deliver social and economic benefits, too.

Global oil prices have risen in reaction to Iran's announcement of a partial withdrawal

Small firms can either be a target in themselves – or a route into taking down larger corporations. How can we boost the security credentials of these modest but important players?

A spokesman for the World Economic Forum says its efforts to promote inclusive economic policies benefit everyone, not just the elite.

As our resistance to antibiotics grows, the financial gains of using antibiotics in meat production could soon become irrelevant, say the global research team at HSBC.

A "new social contract" is needed to ensure technology does not lead us back to "feudalism", a trade union leader says.

This year, ahead of choosing MIT Technology Review's breakthrough innovations, Gates read 10 books on tech that helped inform his choices.

As gene editing enters healthcare and home testing kits become commonplace, what effect is this having on society – and how important is it for citizens to have a voice?

Our April pick for the World Economic Forum Book Club was Beth Comstock's book, Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity and the Power of Change.

Providing the education, skills and opportunities for the young to succeed is the biggest challenge facing society today.

In 2018, total global military expenditure rose 2.6% to $1.8 trillion, according to new data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Changes to your lifestyle can have a significant impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

As the majority of the world's population moves to cities, will we see a shift in soft power away from nation states?

From building the workforce of the future to engaging in multi-stakeholder dialogue, here are the key methods companies must use to keep pace with the rampant technological change ahead.

Entire new cities are being built across Asia and Africa as emerging markets step on to the global stage and challenge traditional urban ideas.

The gender pay gap still exists. But a new report shows things are heading in the right direction.

If we reframe “AI” as augmented intelligence, rather than artificial intelligence, we can move beyond the man vs machine argument.

Amsterdam has just switched on Europe's largest commercial energy storage system using electric car batteries.

A new, surprisingly simple, alternative to pumped-hydro has been developed by a start-up.

Today's younger generations are less likely to make the middle-income bracket than their parents were - and it's bad news for the economy.

Access to 80 or more books at home gives children better literacy and numeracy skills in later life.

World-leading climate scientists took a closer look at how rising temperatures would affect the planet. This is what they found.