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Check out this insane termite swarm we're treating in Lakeway! The customer sent us the video and gave us permission to post.

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Rodents are clever contortionists that are masterful at getting into homes and businesses. Here’s some useful information about their habits and what you can do to protect your home or business.

Dental health is more important for your cat’s health than you may think. Plaque on your cat’s teeth can actually progress into dental disease and cause damage to their vital organs. This video gives a good demonstration of how this works. After watching our video below, please check out,

At the Asheville Salt Cave and Spa, people find relief from a number of ailments, like acne, allergies, arthritis, and cystic fibrosis. News 13 spoke to one of their clients, Kim Moran, about how regular sessions in the salt cave changed her life. Kim Moran at Asheville Salt Cave and Spa (Photo credit: WLOS Staff) Moran says she's suffered from debilitating asthma for most of her life.

(BPT) - After more than a century of debate over the role of salt in human health, new medical evidence suggests that reducing salt in the U.S. diet may pose a greater risk of harm to the average person. Consider these four common myths about salt
Myth 1: Salt consumption leads to hypertension
According to the Mayo Clinic, "For most adults, there's no identifiable cause of high blood pressure [hypertension]." Dr. Jan Staessen, head of the Research Unit on Hypertension at the University…

For Immediate Release: January 28, 2019 Contact: 239-231-3305 Jorge Amselle, 2018 Safe and Sustainable Snowfighting Awards given to 55 facilities; 7 for first time Naples, FL—The Salt Institute is honoring 55 winter maintenance facilities across the United States and Canada with its Safe and Sustainable Snowfighting award recognizing environmental consciousness and effective management in …

The people of Tuscany are known as mangiafagioli, or “bean eaters,” a nod to the prominent role beans play in their cuisine. Cannellini (white kidney) beans are the region’s most …

Salt is more than something to sprinkle on to your fish and chips, this common household ingredient helps keeps Yorkshire’s roads moving.

Salt is more than something to sprinkle on to your fish and chips, this common household ingredient keeps England’s roads moving when temperatures plunge.

From pulling nails without denting trim to getting a big paint spill off your carpet, we've got the tips you need

Most of you know Emily as a friend, veterinarian, sole business owner and one of the kindest persons that walks this planet. SHE IS ALSO A FIGHTER Over the past 23 years Emily has been battling a serious underlying health issue that continues to negatively affect multiple organ systems and has...