Business in Northwest - El Paso, TX

The word "speakeasy" gets used a lot these days. During Prohibition - when alcohol sales were banned by federal law - a speakeasy was a place that served alcohol. Now, that term is more loosely used to describe an out-of-the-way, secluded bar. And there is a newly opened speakeasy in downtown El Paso called 1922. "We're not really here to, you know, be taking shots and standing up and running around," said Blake Mireles, the general manager at 1922.

It was an emotional day for students, and even some parents, as Schuster Elementary School closed its doors for the last time. Those students will be heading to Dowell Elementary in the fall. The other schools closing are Beall, Burleson and Alta Vista Elementary. Beall students will go to Douglass Elementary, Burleson students will go to Zavala Elementary and Alta Vista students will go to Coldwell Elementary.

This weekend is the 9th annual Neon Desert Music Festival, and this year the event is relocating a few blocks down and will be held near City Hall. Street closures for Neon Desert Music Festival will begin Friday. The entrance to Neon Desert is at the intersection of Campbell Street and Texas Avenue. Here is a map of the streets that will be closed starting Friday and through the weekend: Neon Desert street closures.